Norwegian Panguin Soldier

What the hell is with you people from Norway?!?
You have “Lance Corporal Penguin-dude” for 35 years?! And don’t tell us…

sniff … I feel rejected now!


We’ve had a what?

Do you have a link to this? I know it is true since I saw it on CNN

Well, He was only Promoted recently.


I think it’s also because the penguin is a king penguin, and in Europe the nobility usually holds military titles as well as noble titles.

So, which exact unit does this penguin lead?

And meanwhile, in Ireland and Australia and the South Pole

What in the HELL?

(and the unit is probably the one that goes on alert when seals get too close :P)

On the news, the penguin was walking up and down a line of toops, stopping at some and moving his head up and down, almost as if he was inspecting them.


I blame heatstroke. Everyone in the royal guard gets it, you see. It’s from standing outside the castle all the time in those silly hats.

Hmmm… this must be the first infiltrated agent of my sister (AKA The Monster, Darth Penguinea, and a few other names)'s evil penguin army. She’s been rambling about it for a while now. :stuck_out_tongue:

uh, why?

My thoughts exactly.