North Korea must REALLY be bored

To come up with something like this! :noway:

Not really, this goes right along with the socalist line of thinking.

That article is terribly written.

Meh, and it’s probably all because some government offical couldn’t tell a boy apart from a girl and made advances.

0-o At least it’s not really against the law?

Its north korea, they re-educate you at a whim.

‘Let’s make some rules about [hair]!’
‘Are you sure we should do that, we don’t know anything about [hair]?’
‘AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Seriously, we’re gonna need some alchohol.’

The article is indeed terribly written as well.

You’ll learn more about North Korea(and socialists) as you get older. It is against the law there. It goes along with their ideals.

My God.

Go North Korea!

I wonder what their reaction would be to … well, uh, any given bishonen. Including Legolas.

the war’s over long hair

Yes. But this time I’m glad I don’t live in North Korea. I love my long hair.

Your long hair uses vital nutrients needed for proper brain function, degrades your personality and allows the infiltration of capitalist ideas into the military first era.

The last I read, North Korea was telling its civilians to ‘prepare for war’. Not good.

In North Korea, hair cuts you!

>> <<


Wow. I was expecting someone to throw something at me.

The guy in the article’s picture needs a napkin.

Maybe by preparing them for war they’re shaving their heads military buzz cut style.