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Just how bad does this look to you? CN is going to start showing Adult Swim here this month and I want to know what kind of crap I’m going to have to put up with. And I’ll use this chance to rub on your faces that the spanish-speaking dubs are light-years ahead of yours in terms of quality :smiley:

Adult swim doesn’t do that bad with picking shows to air. Granted I haven’t been able to watch it lately, thus I won’t be able to watch eva and decide if it really is any good.

Uh, are you referring to the -MTV part, or…?

They actually aired EVA over here on a digital channel on the first half of the year, which was quite a rarity seeing it was anime and all.

It’s the old dub that’s been out for years, stop overreacting.

Who cares if they “destroy” Evangelion. Really, I think you’re just trying to sound “cool”

Isn’t evangelion supposed to be old by now?

And I saw a spanish dub of B’t X once and it sucked.

If you’re referring to edits and all, there’s not a whole lot they can edit. Just the one where 0.1 comes to life and slaughters the living fuck out of that one angel. And even then the blood will just be cut down a little bit. They’ve gotten away with showing much worse.

The digital cable showing of Eva was End of Evangelion and Death and Rebirth. End will have to be cut quite a bit more if they want to show that on AS.

Seriously, dont get your panties in a bunch over it. Unless you hate Evangelion and dont want it shown on Adultswim. Heaven forbid anything compete with their precious Inuyasha for the fans attention. Besides, I doubt the Rabid Inuyasha Fans (you know the type) will like this show because it doesnt move as fast.

I can’t believe how stupid you are, lol.

For the love of God stop posting in these forums.


lol mtv

zatch bell (that’s AS, right?)

Naruto is a good show that got dragged down by shitty shitty filler.

Why the hell would Zatch be on Adult Swim?

Zatch Bell is on CN.

It’s on toonami

Yeah, you’re right. Teach me to run bad google searches. :\

Excuse me?

I was originally annoyed the most by the fact it would shown on American TV at all, so yea, it was a bit of elitism. I didn’t know that it had been shown on On-Demand (or whatever its called) before.

The minor edits i know they’ll be forced to do will bug the shit out of me, that annoys me as well. I hate seeing blood edited out, or overlays on japanese text. Those small changes just bug the shit out of me for some reason :\

If you don’t like it, don’t watch it

Uh, ok? I wasn’t planning on it.