I just got myself DW1+2 GBC and I just lost my dw2 game >_<. God dammit. Its cuz the cart is old and the mem battery needs replacing, I’m 99% sure of it. Anyone know what I can do about that?

Get the right tools and open the cart and replace the battery. Getting the tools would be the hard part though.

Last I heard (and this was only a year ago) if you send the cartridge to nintendo, they will replace the battery free of charge (aside from shipping) Though id recommend calling first, just in case.

Get really good luck like me. I’ve had the same Zelda cartridge for NES and it still has my game from about 5 years ago on it.
One thing that might help with battery saves is pop it in your system and play it for a little bit. Don’t worry about saving it or anything, just putting some power into it should recharge the battery.
As for your problem… I’m not sure what to do with that.

I think with a simple screw driver and the knowledge of what the hell you’re doing you could replace the battery fine. Just make sure you get the right kind.

Merl, Nintendo uses Triangular screws. Try finding a screwdriver for that; it’s near impossible.

Not impossible, improbable.

I had to order mine from North bay, Epic, that’s how hard it was for me to get one.

You got one didn’t you? Hence it’s not near impossible, just improbable to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got one after years and years of searching, and finally I lucked out from a carpeneter shop in North Bay that had made a mistake on their order form and got those instead of phillips head.

I’d think it’d be easier to grind another screwdriver on a grinder into a triangle shape, but that’s just me.

Looks like a bolt more than a screw to me. A very fucking tiny bolt.

Just called NOA, they don’t do battery replacements anymore. They charge 10 bucks (fuckers, that’s what I paid for this shit) to replace the cart. Ie they send me another one if they find one. I looked at the cart ,it has a star screw in it (aparently I was thinking of the wrong screw). I’ll open it up, see if I can spot the battery and bring it over to Radio Scrap see if I can get an equivalent and just plug one in. Grah…

Now that I think about it, the older carts probably did have little bolt things. Like you’d need a freaking tiny alen wrench to unscrew it?

hmmm… I popped this sucker open. getting the battery out is going to be tougher than I thought. CRAP! Anyone have experience in this stuff? I’m looking at you Sat.

Edit: WOOHOO! Got it out. Off to radio shag I go! (well sorta).

Originally posted by Sinistral
Edit: WOOHOO! Got it out. Off to radio shag I go! (well sorta).

I’ll give you a radio shag. ;D

it’s too bad Sinistral couldn’t post as he went there, I feel like much of what he’s been saying in this thread is like a narrative of the day’s events. Here’d how it’d continue

“Ok guys, getting in my car, gettin ready to drive to Radio Shack. Here I go, driving down the street, wind in my hair, cd player blaring, OH #$@&@#%$^@%@$&%@$#%(@$#%@$(% that %@#%#%@$## 16-wheeler, I’ll show you who’s #%@$%@$#%$#@T…”

and then there’d just be a lot more cussing until he got to Radio Shack, where there’d be more cussing, and then he’d have his battery and things are happy again.

lol, that actually sounds like my day man , seriously 8D ( I REALLY am not joking)

The new battery in , the game works, I suspect the memory will work also (just loading up my sp). If anyone wants info on that in the future, I’ll be happy to provide (but will bear no responsibility for any screw ups that lead to broken carts)

edit: memory works. hell yeah. I am the man.

Originally posted by Sinistral
I am the man.
I’d do one of those “No, you da man” routines with you but uh, you already skipped ahead a few steps.

FUCK. Lost memory again -_-. Ok this cart’s fucked. Anyone got dw1+2 for sale?