Ahh! Hypha! The lamer is gonna eat us, the lamer is gonna eat us! X! DO SOMETHING!

… did I just call X for help? :eek:

Yes, you did.
I’m not worried. Just throw him into Google again. Or better yet . . . lure him into a room full of Care Bears, Smurfs, and My Little Ponies! :smiley: Ahahaha!

^ ^ v v < > < > A B new comic

That ought to do it.

ph33r!!!11 :hyperven:

Yes, that counts as “something” I guess… :slight_smile:

Knowing lamers, I’d have to go SSJ just to survive his initial attack. And he’d STILL defeat me.

Heh, does this mean we get to see Hypha get his aft kicked again? :smiley:

Can we trap him in Dictionary, or Pretty please!

Oh, I can’t wait to see what fait has in store for him. ^^

Dude, X2K, you missed an “A” in the code

i’m not going to sink low enough to reply to this thread because i have nothing to say just to increase my post count.

lol stfu

PBB, you are now officially a Dumbass Hypocrite! CONGRATURATION!

ooh! yaay! do i get a cookie?

Yes, the cookie…of DOOM! :o


Midare Gou-Zakuraishous the crap out of Trillian

No encouraging the lame newbies. You remember what happened last time.

Great, a post count whore. Just what we need.

Ahh, but that was no ordinary cookie…it was a cookie…of DOOM!

Whoever eats it will automatically explode. :slight_smile:

Can I have one?

Why of co–er, NO! duck & covers