Nom nom nom

it are my birthday!

and I’ll cry if I want to! <3

Many wishes of happiness and comments of congratulations may be placed here for great prosperity.

:smiley: I am now 21! Legal in all countries!


Congrats to the resident bishie! Keep spreading the lurve, man! :slight_smile:

Happy legal-day! :smiley:

Hullo and happy birthday, Eden.

If you feel like meeting up somewhere for a drink or something, just let me know, since I am once more living in Vancouver.

Have a very hoopy birthday man.

Still not legal in Muslim countries.

You must be as old as the Olsen Twins now. 8p

Have a happy one.

I could have sworn you were older then I am.

Haha eden i’m like half a year younger than you.

Does that turn you on?

And then Eden turned legal, and there was much rejoicing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yay then!


Happy birthday.

Happy birthday dude.

Wow, it’s threads like these that remind me of how much older I am than many of you… then I remember some of the things you people have said years ago, and it still makes me blush!

Happy birthday!

Leave it to Old Woman Vicki to be a downer.

Debbie Downer.

Bwaaap bwaaaaaaaaaaaap

As long as I’m here, you’ll never be the oldest, Vicky! :smiley:

And Happy Birthday to Eden, I’ve always enjoyed your antics and I’m happy to see you’re still the same!

Happy B-Day Eden-san :3

Happy (slightly late, shut up >:E) birthday! :slight_smile: