Or, the Shin Megami Tensei : Nocturne thread.

This game kicks an unprecedented amount of ass for an RPG that has been classified Mature 17+ by the ESRB. Plus, if you pre-ordered it (or, if you live over here…ordered it as a pre-order in order to NOT get the crappy french manual), you get the soundtrack free of charge (it’s good too).

Anyway, anyone else played it? Then again, I remember that there were only two SMT fans on this board and one of them don’t seem to be here anymore.

it looked really really good so once i get my ps2(i traded in my old one for one of the new sexy ones yay!) im gonna hit that…along with battlefront,and i was gonna hit up som ffx onilne…but its incompatible with the new ones modem or whatever…so yeah

i heard it was so badass, i cant wait till it comes out starts camping outside of gamestop

I tried to play Shin Megami Tensei 3 (I think, one of the Snes games). While the story seems very interesting, I really don’t like dungeon crawlers much.

I greatly enjoyed the PERSONA games -part of the Megami Tensei family- and it’s possible I might enjoy others in it, but I don’t know anything about the story or gameplay in this one. Can you fill me in?

Persona’s a knockoff of the SMT series. Instead of bribing demons to fight for you, in Persona, you could contract them to give either their Spell Card/other benefits (Persona : Be Your Own Mind) or Tarot Cards/other benefits (Persona 2 : Eternal Punishment).

However, in SMT, you must bribe them so they will fight alongside you. SMT:Nocturne is a direct implantation of the SMT system. The battle system is well refined though simple. Basically, if you liked the world of Persona, you will absolutely love Nocturne’s.

As for the story…YOU are (insert your name), a student at a local Tokyo highschool who’s been plagued by dreams of your teacher telling you about the “Conception”, and how you having the will to survive will change the world. You wake up late, and find out your friends have already gone to visit your teacher at the hospital. When you get there, you find the hospital completely deserted. Eventually, Isamu (one of your classmates) finds the Basement Card Key, and you can go explore the basement, where you find Hikawa…the head of a local telecommunications company, allegedly a front for the Cult of Gaea. He threatens you, then sics a demon to you. However, your teacher manages to convince him to let you live, and explains everything, how the Conception will destroy the world so it may be reborn again…and then you watch the Conception happen. You pass out, and are visited by a little ladychild and an old woman, who tell you about “Magatama”, little demon bugs who have the power to transform humans into demons…and implant one into you, transforming you into a demon.

And this is just the start of the game. It gets even darker and more fucked up as you go. Plus, Dante’s presense adds a coolness factor which wasn’t there before. It’s truly a game you should get if you want a mature RPG that’ll make you question your beliefs.