Nobuo Uematsu

Plenty of people have his sort of talent, but they do not have the FF series to back them up. That is partially why Nobuo is so famous. No arguement that the FF series is world-known, but since it is, Nobuo got alot of fame out of it, too.

Just like the Amano guy. His art is what brought alot of people to the FF series. He would still be painting if he was not with Square, but I do think he would have been so famous.

Actually yes, the GMFs looked like a lot of fun to be there and watch the bands play their stuff. This is what I’m looking for, synths and drums/guitars, not a 50 piece orchestra.

I’m all for VGM getting decent respect and exposure out here, it’s fine that they’re bringing out the super-popular stuff to test the waters, but what about the rest ? When will the rest be featured ??? This is what bothers me.

Look at Pop music for example. You see these great artists, but where are the small people? Those ‘little people’ have great talent, but do not have the backing of those big record companies. See the comparison?

I do, although I don’t really agree to it… =/ Before Square got really known for their music, Dragon Warrior was having orchestral concerts by the mid-80s, and then came the famous Game Music Festivals going each Summer from '90 to '95… I believe the Orchestral Game Concerts took place during that time too… but they were a bit limited due to only being in one genre… The GMFs had rock, techno, jazz, fusion, etc… And they had more tracks being played.

But calling Sega, Taito, Falcom, Konami, etc… “little people” is quite an understatement, I’m sure they have the financial backings to do events like Square-Enix currently does… it’s just that those companies happen to be ignored by the majority of the people overseas. Mostly because FF sports state-of-th-art graphics, music, etc… But that doesn’t mean the other companies aren’t worth looking into =/

I agree with you. There are some great games out there, that the West does not know about. 90% Of the reason is because it is about business. Western economies strive towards big bucks: which product is going to make the most money for them.

The FF series is popular, so the major companies support it, and endorse it.

I know of a company called EA Games (sure you have heard of it) that outsells almost all other companies in the USA. Why? Because they are bigger, and have more money, and they buy shares (?) of the best gams to sell.

All about business, unfortunately.

Patience grasshopper. It’s the same thing that happened with Anime: At first you just had the most hyped stuff like Dragon Ball or Sailor Moon, but they slowly opened the gates for all the other shit that has taken over your children in the past few years. Just hope it doesn’t take nearly a decade like with Anime.

Those concerts were never happening in the States. Those other folks are still getting recognition back in Japan.

I enjoy most composers that DG mentioned (and Nobuo Uematsu too), but I think we can all agree about one thing: when it comes to battle music, Kenji Ito is GOD. :stuck_out_tongue:

While Ito is really good, don’t forget Noriyuki Iwadare, Motoi Sakuraba and Yoshitaka Hirota, since they create just-as-unique battle themes =D

Going to be nagged for saying this, but I liked the battle music in Dark Cloud 2. Just sounded neat.

I haven’t heard it myself, but Dark Cloud music isin’t exactly looked up highly to… from what I’ve heard, at least.

It’s one I’ve been neglecting to purchase.

Most of the tracks are nothing special, but there are a few that are pretty catchy.

If you want to but the game, or something, it is not that bad. I like building things, and this game has quite a bit of that. Plot is interesting, too.

Like the first one ? It’s at least more “fun” and “playable”, right ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, whenever I talk about purchasing, I always mean soundtracks, not games :stuck_out_tongue: Just for your information :stuck_out_tongue:

lol I should have known.

And, yes. It is alot more fun than the first one, but like I said; I like building things.

You have NO IDEA how catchy the theme to Max’s hometown was to me. Oh. My. Gosh. It was so good to me anyway. The battle music was catchy too…but ramdomized dungeons, they’ve always been something I’ve disliked for some reason.

You mean Max’s theme with the accordian? The one that sounds like a gypsie russian theme? That was cool.

Accordian ? You’ve got my attention ! I’m a sucker for that instrument ! I’ll have to get that ST then… 36$… I’ll wait a bit before I order this.

yes. The theme when you beat all monsters in an area is a little catchy, too.

Just curious, which Game CDs do you have ? I’ll have to re-organise my list before I post it.

-Nubou’s Black Mages CDs
-Soundtracks for FF 2,4,5,6,7,8,9
-Recording of the dear friends concert
-Bootleg soundtracks for probably 14-17 odd RPGs
-probably alot that I forgot about