Nobuo Uematsu will take part in FFXII !!!!!!!!! 8D 8D 8D 8D 8D

w00t !

Best news I’ve heard today :slight_smile:

Good. I have been a great fan of Nobuo Uematsu since day one… Though I wasn’t even in doubt about him being on the new FF… I couldn’t imagine FF without him…

You have just improved my day greatly, DG. :victoly:

Phew! FF wouldn’t be the same without him!

I dunno… I think he reached his peak at FF6. FF7 was pretty good, but FF8 and 9 were “eh-sorta-okay”. I’m not sure how excited I am about this.

Now, if they’d have said Mitsuda was doing it… 8D

Heh, I would buy a PS2 AND the game ust to hear Yasunori Mitsuda’s music :wink: Or maybe just the soundtrack… but still!

I am sorry, but Uematsu is nothing compared to Mitsuda :wink:

This is definitely good news to me. Actually I think a lot of the music in FFIX is pretty good. Easy on the ears and fits well with the said scenes.


I enjoyed FFIX’s music a lot more to FFVII’s. A lot softer, and better melodies, imo.

I agree, about it having more softer and melodic feel to it. All of FFIX’s tracks suit the desired mood. But I wouldn’t call it better than FFVII’s soundtrack, I like them all equally actually.

FFVII had the best soundtrack in my opinion, and FFVI’s was pretty good too, but the only song I really liked there was that one that was kinda sad… you guys probably know what I’m talking about. But FFVII’s soundtrack was awesome. Aeris’s theme, Cid’s theme, and Cosmo Canyon’s music were my favorites. One Winged Angel and Cloud’s theme were cool too.

One Winged Angel was one of my favourite FF pieces. This news pleases me greatly.

does a merry jig to in time to One Winged Angel

Originally posted by SilverStorm
[b]One Winged Angel was one of my favourite FF pieces. This news pleases me greatly.

does a merry jig to in time to One Winged Angel [/b]

Did I hear my name?
Sorry, lame joke…

I think Uematsu never weakened, but takes a different approach when Square does. FFVII needed a tougher tune than FFIX, though FFVII was softer and more fantasy-like than FFVIII… And I think Uematsu needs a fantasy-touch in his music… Which is why I don’t really like FFVIII… But maybe I would like the music more if the game would be better…

FFVI had a good soundtrack as well, though limited thanks to Uematsu knowing he couldn’t go all out for a SNES back then…

Excellent. The man is a musical genius…

Nobou Uematsu IS Final Fantasy. He can never be replaced. I simply can’t imagine a numbered Final Fantasy game without him (though the composers of MQ and FFT did a great job too!).

I’m curious to see how Michiko Naruke would do as the composer though. Heehee!