Nobuo Uematsu leaving Square Enix

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He’ll be missed -_-;; Music is what sets the mood for me, so hopefully FF12 will have a decent replacement…my whole faith of the continuation of the FF series rides on this one game.

Meh I say. I dunno, alot of his music (to me at least) was loosing it’s touch… I’m not that heart broken over it.

Damn >_>

He composed FFXII last I heard.

He will be missed.



Now, S-E will be forced to use the other composers more! About fucking damn time. Yoshihiro Sato NEEDS to return.

  1. Everyone says Uematsu is losing his touch, but I don’t really agree. I think people were just used to a certain sound from him, and he stopped sounding that way. Composers develop; no one’s gonna have the exact same sound forever. Losing your touch doesn’t happen, that’s a bunch of bullshit.

  2. Hitoshi Sakimoto is composing FF12. He’s one of the best composers in the industry, having played a part in the compositions of the Ogre Battle, Tactics Ogre, and Final Fantasy Tactics games, Vagrant Story, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, Legaia 2, Gradius 5, and all kinds of other shit. He’s amazing, and I can assure you like 100% that FF12’s soundtrack will be nothing short of amazing. I was worried that Dragon Quarter’s soundtrack would not have the feel of a BoF game because he was composing it, but while he retained his own style, he also kept the feel of the series. I imagine the same will be so for FF12.

  3. Maybe it’s just me, Iga, but I thought CyberOrg was kinda lame :stuck_out_tongue: Yoshiro Sato can wait a while I think :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Square-Enix is losing their touch, period…

Ever since the two company fused, they haven’t release a game that will be remembered as a classic in 10 years… the industry is suffering of lack of originality…

Yeah, it’s just you. Besides, there’s tons more composers, Tsuyoshi Sekito, Ryuji Sasai (both haven’t done anything since their last games…which I believe was All-Star Pro Wrestling for Sekito and RnH for Sasai), Shimomura is getting a bit of the credit she deserves as she’s still working on other projects (KH2, for one), but quite frankly, almost every single person I’ve mentioned in this thread is better in most aspects than the generic music we’ve gotten by Uematsu.

Hell, just the fact that Uematsu was the HHH of soundtrack composing led me to shy away from most S-E games…

There’s only one thing to fear though, if they don’t think they can draw with the current people that do STs…I fear they’ll bring in Motoi Sakuraba. Yes, he’s freelance, but SCREW HIM!

Actually, SO3’s soundtrack was pretty good. A bit heavy on the electric guitar, but at least it wasn’t heavy on the electronica like his other stuff. :sunglasses:

I concur, I do feel that there have been some original ideas hitting the shelves lately… But not by square-enix, nor are the titles that have been “original” been done very well… But the effort is there.

Either way, Square is TRYING to make up its originality now, but because they were so focused on rpgs that they arent as well rounded as other companies who have seemingly looked outside of the box.

As I said in another post, Square needs the trial and error if they are gonna make somthing other than an RPG… Of course the first couple are gonna suck, I mean, look at the bouncer. I’m sure if they made another beat-em-up they’d learn from the mistakes in that one…

KenTar, that really has jack to do with the merger, though. The development teams have remained mostly untouched, and pretty much everything that’s been released up to this point was probably in development before the merger even happened. However, I still think that there’s been a lot of good games lately.

And you know, Iga, there’s always the chance that Sasai doesn’t work for Square anymore. I seriously doubt that he does. :stuck_out_tongue: And Sekito, ehhhhh…I don’t think Sekito is the greatest composer around, either. I liked a lot of BFM stuff, but I didn’t like the FF2j arrangements. And also, seriously? Most other SE composers on the Square side are forgettable. Hamauzu is hit-or-miss, Tanioka and Mizuta are ok I guess, I’m no huge fan of Matsueda/Eguchi, Nakano is just UGH. I can’t comment on Fukui or Kawakami cos they have hardly done ANYTHING. :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, most of the squaresoft composers you hear nowadays? Freelance. Uematsu, Ito, Shimomura, Sakimoto, and all of Super Sweep…The composers you’re hearing a lot of in SE games today don’t even work there anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

persnally i think one of my favorite composers is harry gregson williams, he does the stuff for the MGS series and other stuff. and i hafta agree that since the merger they havent put out as many hardcore games but they were able to take enix’s creativity and squares genuis programming and put it into one company…

Great, now some REAL bad news.

I mean, I was just kinda depressed after the election, but now THIS? Man, I don’t even wanna get out of bed anymore…