No Women In Combat Passes House

Right, here’s the breakdown. No woman can be ASSIGNED to a direct combat unit, such as Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry, or SF units. They can however be Attached in Direct Support Of said units, which allows the military to avoid chaging policy or breaking it’s own rules.

Women are also having an increasingly larger role in combat, especially since most attacks are against convoys or the smaller FOBs(Forward Operating Bases, smaller camps than say Anaconda) and there are no provisions saying women cant drive or ride in convoys or pull guard duty. There are women in the Stryker units, there is at least one female combat medic in the army, and there are loads of women with truck driver or maintenence MOSs.

Info, there is no offense taken since we all know you’re just a silly little jarhead :D. Especially since now the Army BCT is 13 weeks(I think) and is structured to be alot more hardcore in terms of tactical/survivability training as well as endurance/strength wise.

There is no way to make sure women cant see “frontline” fighting unless we pull them from the area completely and make them stay back in the US or Germany. So any policy or bill that doesnt do that is useless and irrelevent in it’s entirety.

I never said basic training, I said initial. After boot camp Marines still have another couple of weeks of combat training…unless they are infantry, which they do their school. Also, when did it change? I checked on the Army website and I can’t find anything about it being longer. I heard that they were changing it some, but not the actual length.

Or Oki.

As far as I’ve been told by the people who just got out of basic they all went to extended training. But they could just be stupid people counting reception as part of basic.

That would still only be 10 weeks. Maybe they are just being bitches about boot camp. Like everyone I know says that boot camp was cool and liked it after, but maybe it is too soon for them. Hell, they could have been held back too, which would have made it longer (unless of course it is a good amount of people and definittely if they are coming in at different times). It is sort of the thing to make everything seem harder than it really was. Like I say how we have a harder PFT (although I think that is somewhat justified since it is a 3 mile run v. a 2 mile run for the Army), longer boot camp, and then combat training before our school. I didn’t find them particularly hard, but I made them seem that way (which isn’t too hard to do sicne they do have some elements). So thsoe guys could be doing that.

The PT standards for us are still the same as they have been. Well, at least the minimum. They actually upped the max standards recently so that you have to be in much better shape to max out the test.

I’m not gonna even try to say that the Corps isnt harder than the Army, nor would I try to say that the Chair Force is anywhere near either branch. Fucking fatasses shouldnt even be allowed over here, especially since most dont carry weapons.

Ah the Air Force, just a bunch of civilians in uniform.

Last thing we need is a woman on the battle field, crying about how she broke a nail and feels fat, and how nobody respects her.

Hey deadtear…are you in the Army. If you are, what MOS and where are you stationed?

Just thought I’d let everyone know that as of yesterday, this bill has been completely dropped from the House.

Hysterical. But yeah…it was dropped but still it’s a no-go for women in combat roles, though it seems that Iraq is definitely putting them under fire. Kudos to those who do fight with the guys and don’t get GI Jane about it.