No temporary marriage after all

Iran’s interior minister more or less proposed allowing people to get temporarily married [STRIKE]and have sex[/STRIKE] to easy the country’s “social problems” but in the end it wasn’t accepted. I was giggling like mad till I read the second link.

Allow temporary marriage to avoid extramarital sex lol

That’s how we do it in America, only we don’t openly say “temporary.” Reno just uses it’s status as the “Divorce Capital of America” as a tourist advertisement.

Oh those wacky Persians, what will they think up next?

[Actually I think this is a pretty interesting idea and it’s kinda too bad they didn’t go for it. Given how contractual and secular marriage has gotten over here (prenuptual agreements) and given how common divorce is nowadays anyway, why not pre-agree to marry for a set length of time. Also, you could hella clean up on the wedding gifts that all your friends and family would feel obligated to keep buying for you each time. KA-CHING.]

In fact, probably the only thing that would hold back such an idea from catching on over here is the fact that it comes from Islamic clerical tradition, so everyone would all go “boo muslims bad aaaaaaaaaaaaah 9/11”

Temporary marriages would just be a cosmetic solution. A permit to have sex with a different person at a given time. I fail to see how such a thing would solve anything.

It would solve the silly conflict they are having with an equally silly religion; like all religions, being inherently silly.


Allowing people to have sex without clerics interfering (or going “don’t hold her hand, dammit!”) would be a pretty great change. What’s fascinating is that the majority of Iranians are so young. Someone should make a film featuring the Persian Elvis Presley and the Sexual Revolutions.

I think it would be cheaper to just shoot the clerics. Or at least kick them out.

Look what the cat dragged in

Maybe they can keep the peace with some form of premarital-sex-for-gas exchange.

Like temporary marriage, but only with the guy at the filling station.

Are you suggesting Tehran will become bicycle-only?

Some sillier than others.