No RE5 thread?

I thought it was fucking awesome as a co-op game, but honestly it wasnt as amazing as RE4 was to me. Still, great game. The graphics are fucking amazing.


Wesker is fucking badass

I’ve been playing single player. Haven’t had much time to play it since I got it though. Been busy with work and people dragging me off to do stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m only on 2-2, and Sheva’s AI annoys the hell out of me from time to time.

This game rocks my socks. Played through on two player and it was really fun. However, after beating it, the costumes you unlock for Sheva and Chris are hilarious! I mean c’mon, Sheva as a hooker and Chris as a pimp?

Even better though is the Mercenary mode – reminds me enough of RainbowSix: LasVegas2’s Terrorist hunt in theory mixed with the goodliness of zombie head-hunting to have me wanting to play for extended periods of time.