No one will believe what I did while I was gone

To merely add to the collection, I bought an N-Gage. I assumed it’d be a piece of crap, that’d sit on the stack next to my Tiger, my Turbo Express, my Sega Nomad, my Game Gear, and my now-idle Neo Geo Pocket Colors. However, I was wrong. It turned out to be the best cell phone I’ve ever bought (other than the fact that you have to talk into it like a taco, that’s akward). As a game system, it leaves a bit to be desired, but it’s <B>nowhere near</B> as bad as the magazines make it out to be. It can actually play a pretty mean game of Monkey Ball, though every other game I’ve tried on it (except Sonic) suck so far. I’m looking forward to Taito Memories (a collection of Space Invaders, Bubble Bobble, and Qix) that’s coming out this month. Should about round out my N-Gage collection, unless something good comes out before it gets prematurely cancelled (I said I like it, I didn’t say it was a worthwhile purchase; btw, it’s not, not by a long shot).

On a related note, I updated my <A HREF=“”>Game Inventory</A>.

You’re right!
We don’t believe you!

No seriously, good for you that the N-Gage isn’t as bad as people say, but I doubt I’ll get one though… No cash…

Sorry, but I am still saving my cash for a GBA so I won’t be getting a N-Gage, at least I don’t see it anytime in the near future. Thanks for the review though, nice to know its not a total peice.

the advertising is so friggin bad, it always makes me laugh

Interesting list you got there. But I doubt that I’ll ever get an N-Gage. I don’t like the stuff.

Thank you,

I believe you :slight_smile:

Cool list you got going… or something like that yeah…:thud:

Again, I reccomend that people not buy it. Only buy it if you’re as crazy as I am (note that that inventory list is games that I <i>actually own</i>).

Anyway, it’s odd to see so many new faces. Shows what happens when I disappear for a few weeks, neh?

Great to see you back Sat. Yeah, there’s been a couple floods of newbies while you were gone. The more the merrier though, right?

I won’t be getting an N-Gauge either. I’m not into cell phone games. I only use a mobile phone with a crappy version of Space Invaders and Breakout.

Dude I dont even care that you bought an N-gage. Right now I am just amazed at your list. Do you own all of these or is this just game you have beaten. If you own all of this, you have became my hero.

Originally posted by RamzaTheSquire
Dude I dont even care that you bought an N-gage. Right now I am just amazed at your list. Do you own all of these or is this just game you have beaten. If you own all of this, you have became my hero.

Yes, he owns them. You should see him room…

Originally posted by BahamutXero
Yes, he owns them. You should see him room…

He owns them all… head explodes BOOM

Dude you are like my hero really, you must be really rich or inherited the internet or something. But you rock man.:cool:

Well, I’ve got some pics of my <A HREF=“”>old room</A>, but now that I have my own house, they’re all over the place (and most of the cartridge based stuff is still in boxes, sadly… :frowning: ), but I’ll get some updated piccies asap. And yes, I own all of those. If I beat a game, and it’s worth playing again, I don’t get rid of it. Period.


I wish I was rich or something. No no, my insane addiction to buying video games keeps me rather poor. Every other Friday, I find myself asking questions like “Do I really want SSX3, or do I need to eat this week? And more importantly, doesn’t Fire Emblem come out this paycheck?” (note: I’d have Fire Emblem, but the starter died on my Nissan, and that has to come first, unfortunately)

Wowza, seeing is believing. If I could do that with my paychecks that would be awseome. I usually only get one game a week maybe. This week I think I will buy Diseaga:Hour of Darkness, then FFX-2. Is Diseaga good? I have heard good things.


Too much hot stuff there…

By the way, I seem to get an ad popup whenever I go to that site… what’s wrong?

N-Gage didn’t appeal to me much even at first glance. I’m thinking of importing GP32 though. At least a few of the games for N-Gage it are good, from what you’re saying.

On another note, Sat, I see that you’ve finally gotten .hack MUTATION and OUTBREAK! :yipee:

Hey Sat, aren’t you missing Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean for the Saturn from that list? I remember talking to you about it, and you owned the game at one point. Then you lost it or something and were looking for another copy.

And no, I’m not surprised you got an N-Gage.

I’m not even sure they released it in Canada, I’ve heard nothing about it.

There really exists a DDR - Disney Mix?

Yup, songs include “Mickey Mouse Club March” and “Crusing in the USA”… Not all songs are pure Disney…

That is one sweet list :slight_smile: Kinda puts my 120-ish into perspective, I guess :thud: :get it?:

…and no, a console that costs as much as a Gamecube and an Xbox put together but only has either ripped-off GBA games (Sonic N) or games that I own much superior versions of anyway (Monkey Ball) simply doesn’t appeal to me, thank you very much :ah-ha!: