NO! My gaming money!

Man, this is becoming depressing. So many awesome games coming out and I can’t afford any of them. First off, they are raising tuition AGAIN! Fucking Christ, they have raised it every semester except my first and second semesters. This will be another big raise (8%). God damn! Just find a price and stick with it. Secondly, the Marine Corps Birthday ball is coming up (today is the actual birthday) on the 20. That is costing a bunch to get my uniforms all ready and then it’ll cost gas (I have to drive back home then back down to Pendleton). Hell, this ball has probably costs me about $700 so far. Next, I’ve got insurance, smog check, registration. Holy hell Batman! Could the world be anymroe cruel to my wallet? On top of that, yes there’s more, I’m starting to see this girl and that is costing money. It is the easiest money to spend, but it is still money I don’t have. Argh! Now we have a bunch of cool games out already and plenty mroe to come. MGS3, Sims 2, the DS, Metroid Prime Echoes, Resident Evil 4, a game for the DS, the Urbz. God damnit, I can’t get any of them short of winning a lottery I haven’t entered.

8%? hot damn.

The worst thign about the tuition hike is that it will likely be raised again.

Invest in the stock market.

Or go to a casino. Same difference. >>;;

Got any connections to drug dealers? Thats your best chance at earning some money. Or go rob a private business? Or try something legal.

or sell your body. or coke. or both.

Wow… 8%.

Chances are when I get into college, I’ll be paying tons more than what I should’ve been paying in the first place.

We don’t have tuition fees in Norway. Weee!

At the same time.

I know how you feel. I’ve thought about becoming a professional student so I don’t have to pay back my loans but it doesn’t pay too good :hahaha; .