No more Wii for me

I’m selling my Wii and everything I bought with it (Wii Play with the extra controller, one nunchuck, and Zelda:TP). Here’s the bad part - it’s all still brand-spanking new, never removed from any packaging whatsoever. I feel I should return my nerdy gamer membership card to someone…

I realized that since I had bought it over a month ago and that everything was sitting on the floor in the bonus room gathering dust that I really wasn’t going to get to it anytime soon… and I realized around the same time that I really would like to buy a digital camera before my vacation.

I was on the latest gaming trend bandwagon for once, and I’m willingly giving it up! I’m slightly ashamed (especially since I bought the last one in the store and saw the disappointed faces of the little children who came in after me), but I feel oddly liberated at the same time. Weird.

Anyway, I was asking around with family, friends, and coworkers, and now I guess I’ll see how Craigslist works out. I know that since practically none of you are nearby this probably doesn’t matter a hill of beans to you, but I just had to share. Who knows, I might actually start visiting less. :wink:

You’ll probably end up making a small profit since they’re still pretty hard to find.

You horrible monster.

Even though I’d like one, I have no intention of getting one, since I know I would only use it for the VC.

Here’s the part that’s even worse - I’m selling at cost. I think my heart grew three sizes that day.

I know.

I read this as “I know I would only use it for the WC”.

Vicki, you’re lucky it’s a Wii. The other machines would sell below cost.

I don’t buy things that suck. ;D
In an update, I have received messages from six prospective buyers since yesterday evening! Actually, make that five since one only wants to buy the system, and I’m not breaking the set. The first person is asking so many questions that I’m wondering if she even read the listing. Argh!

Go with the other four. How do you know she knows how to put the $ in your account? :stuck_out_tongue:

I sold it today to a very nice man. Having that cash feels so good! :slight_smile:
It was sort of funny being asked why I was selling it, actually…

Just out of curiosity, how much did you end up selling the whole thing for?

$390 - the actual amount I paid, including tax, rounded to the nearest dollar. I could have made a profit from it, but I knew this way there really wouldn’t be any haggling over the price. It was fair. Not very business-minded, but fair.

Why do you need a nunchuck for a Wii? o.o

To choke bitches with.

Yea, that’s what I thought.