No more playing Tag?

So I’m going to guess that they’re going to ban kids from acting like kids next.

Ah, yes. Let’s swaddle our kids in a beautiful cocoon while they’re children, so that when they grow up they’ll be eaten up alive by a world which doesn’t play fair and doesn’t want everyone to win.

Pain is part of the learning process. Parents have an instinct to protect their children, but lately they’ve been taking it way too far. Part of this is due to the insane amount of suing going on in the States (notice no Canadian cities seem to have done this) but another part of it is the aura of entitlement that modern people seem to have. “Do what you feel” is the motto of the moment. This results in things like parents spoiling their children because they don’t feel like listening to them scream, or plopping them in front of the TV because they don’t feel like having them underfoot. Or banning them from playing outside, because they don’t want them to be hurt.

That isn’t like banning kids from being kids,that IS banning kids from being kids!I mean they grow up in a nice safe world and then suddeny they face the real world and they have no experience of not getting equality or getting into a couple of fights.They wil probably grow up to be lifeless do-gooders…I played contact sports unsupervised and nothings wrong with me!I have had the experience of getting into a fight and have experienced real life through a simple game!God next thing you know they will ban recess completely!Then they’ll ban classroom parties,then they’ll take the litle fun left of school and make it pointless and boring to go to and kids will probably have an increased suicide percent!I bet if they continue like this most people would rather home school their kids!This seems like a bad move for schools…

Well, I do agree that dodgeball and the like shouldn’t be forced upon kids in gym class (bloody bully invitation - owowow), but there are limits. Good lord -_-

I’m trying to be positive - ideals and such go in waves. The next generation may grow up to turn against all these ridiculous laws that we get now, after they’ve learnt from their own experiences that it doesn’t end up well.

Now if they’d just get rid of school funded sports. Oh wait, they should’ve done that to begin with.

Thus giving the kids of these days no real groundwork before PE thus increasing the risk of not getting enough excersize.

“Hey, how about we play catch?” “Uh, no. Mom says I might get a black eye if it hits me in the eye section of my face.” “Don’t worry, I’ll aim for your teeth!”

To think that games like “Who’s afraid of the black man?” (Run across field, one person is it and anyone caught is also an it from that moment on.) was turned into “Zombies” and “Terrorists” during these 20 years.

Wha? It still seems like a good game to me, even though the exclamation was changed according to … good tastes. Funny how you realize you’ve played a game with a racist exclamation after all those years. Ah, there is no innocence these days.

Tag was the only game I could play in elementary…Anyone can run, it takes so little skill and aim. Poor little fat children.

If I were a parent I would sue the school for harming my kids emotionally. It’s worse than a few broken bones.

My parents ate dirt, possibly radioactive snow, hardly ever went to the doctor, and played on very unsafe METAL playground equipment as kids.

I agree on making things safe for kids to the extent that they don’t kill themselves, but this is just retarded. :stuck_out_tongue:

When I was in elementary school, my pals and I would go over to the area by the back fence that was off limits (someone might grab you through the fence!!) pick up a bunch of dates, run around and throw them at each other. good times…

And I agree with getting rid of forced dodgeball, cause that game can hurt (especially if you’ve got a broken pinky finger- the hell was I thinking?) but tag? What we need in our schools is general supervision (a few adults looking over the activities to help if there’s any trouble) and a law that says kids are kids and as such will beat the hell out of each other and will get hurt.

“Several school administrators around Attleboro, a city of about 45,000 residents, took aim at dodgeball a few years ago, saying it was exclusionary and dangerous”

Guess what, if you don’t want your kids to be little shits and be “exclusionary”, because its the kids and not the game that does it (what a concept), don’t raise your kids to be little shits! Wow.

This is more than retarted, it’s outright stupid and even dangerous. We’ll end up with a generation of overweight children who doesn’t know how to play and who’s cream from papercuts and who’ll probably die the moment they become adolescents.

Okay, banning tag, that is just plain stupid. Tag was really fun game, back when I was a kid.

Americans are getting wierder with each passing day.

Well, banning all the constructs kids make for themselves paves the way for constructs made by adults. So, yes, this is banning kids to be kids.

That’s ridiculous. Tag is a great game. Everyone can play it and it’s safe in comparison to other games.

I tell you, tag will become the new cool forbidden thing to do. Stupid people.

Good. Ban tag. We need to revive smear the queer.

I used to love playing tag, fun game. I agree more with the second statement though. Smear the queer was even more fun for me than tag ever was ^^.

This whole thing is just really another excuse for parents or facilities to not take responsibility for a kids actions.

Too bad this thing wasn’t around when I was a kid, and twisted my ankle, or else I might have been a normal, healthy chi…

Oh wait a moment, I DID grow up to be healthy!