No more gay priests.


And I think the astronaut analogy is dumb. It might be common sense, but it’s still biased and discriminatory.

It’s the Catholic Church.

What do you expect?

Wild, hot nun on nun action? (only the young hot nuns plzkthx)

Anyway, now for constructive discussion. >_> Yeah, I think that’s kind of stupid, but I’m actually suprised it wasn’t done earlier.

I don’t think it matters that its biased and discriminatory since we’re dealing with a religious establishment. I think that’s a given.

What’s retarded is that this doesn’t change a thing and doesn’t mean anything since they’re supposed to be celibate in the first place.

It’s nice that they also finally came out and formally stated their stance on homosexuality.

They’d done this before. Like, just as the catholic church was formed, they already made it clear that they wish all homossexuals would die and go to hell.


They this clarified in light of the 2002 sex-abuse scandals, it’s not likey no one knew they disliked homosexuality.

Geez… what if a preist was gay and had vertigo…

but I guess they at least have an opinion now.

Despite the NYT’s angle, the document is actually relaxing the Church’s stance on homosexuals. Before this, they refused to accept anyone who’d ever been gay or shown any kind of indication that he had gay thoughts. Now they’re saying that if someone has gay tendencies but doesn’t act on them, he can be admitted.

Stop posting in Catholocism threads.

And yeah, Cid beat me to it. Comedy option: no military, no marriage, and now…I don’t have to go to church. Boy I wish I were gay.

Zep, read the Genesis, then the things Paul wrote.

I was referring to you relating the church not wanting actively gay priests and wanting all gays to die. As Cid said already, this is a step in a good direction, even if it’s only a tiny little step. Coupled with other announcements by the Church this year, such as the warning not to take the bible so literally as to ignore the benefits science has to offer, the Church is at least making a small attempt to get with the times. It’s not like they have to change, they are the largest religious institution in the world. But they are slowly changing, and most members of the faith are far more progressive-minded than official Church policy makers. The only really dogmatic person here is you, who everytime someone posts a thread about the Church, you have to put in your “well the bible says that so it’s nothing new fuck the church”, but it is something new, whether you can see it or not.

It’s sad that they don’t say ‘Let all come to us for we are joined in our belief in the saviour and not in the hatred of those different’, but at least they’re fumbling in the right direction.

That document of the Vatican was leaked some weeks ago anyway.
And considering the church’s stand towards gays, I wouldn’t expect they embrace them as priests.

Ren is correct. The church was founded with the belief that homosexuals were some of the worst kind of sinners. The idea that the catholic church hadn’t previously “come out on their official stance on homosexuality” is laughable. They’re the institution that has done more than any other, thoughout history, to define homosexuality as an abomination. Don’t try to rewrite history.

So because they did something in the past means that they can never change their stance, even in the slightest way? People die, and new leaders are born with different ideas. This is why we have things like protestant faiths and Vatican II. Yeah the church takes a long time to change, but to say it doesn’t or even can’t isn’t true. Most Churches got rid of that “fire and brimstone” thing a while ago, or at least all the ones I have gone to have.

The problem is that they’ve done this just to look like a more friendly institution to the eyes of the people out there. Yet they haven’t changed the manual of their religion - the parts of the bible that speak against homosexuals are still there. Paul the apostle says that homosexuals cannot enter heaven. I don’t remember if it was also Paul or someone else, but there’s also another part that says homosexuals always go to hell when they die.

If you’re gonna make such claims, quote the verse.

You can read them all here if you wish. These guys are not catholics, but the book is the same.