No more brood war for me...

Well, I was installing brood war… annnnnnd…

[20:36] < Steve> there’s a crack in my brood war disc, but it’s still working
[20:36] < Sun_Demon> lol
[20:36] < Steve> O.o
[20:36] < Steve> I LOVE YOU STARCRAFT
[20:37] < @Kero_Hazel> well, you will…
[20:37] < @Kero_Hazel> until one day, you’ll hear an odd whining noise coming from your drive
[20:37] < @Kero_Hazel> and then BAM!
[20:37] < Steve> shut
[20:37] < Steve> up
[20:37] < Steve> you’re hurting BW’s feelings ;.;
[20:37] < Kor> It happened to me once.
[20:37] < @Kero_Hazel> twelve CD shards will fly out of your drive
[20:37] < @Kero_Hazel> cutting your jugular open
[20:37] < Sun_Demon> lol
[20:37] < Steve> to BW it’s okay… he’s not gonna hurt yoiu
[20:37] < Steve> …
[20:37] < @Kero_Hazel> and you’ll live long enough just to tell everyone on IRC what happened
[20:37] < Kor> O.O,
[20:37] < Steve> it just happened
[20:37] < @Kero_Hazel> and then see me laugh at you :stuck_out_tongue:
[20:38] < Sun_Demon> lmao
[20:38] < Steve> LOL
[20:38] < Steve> IT JUST BROKE!
[20:38] < Sun_Demon> LOL
[20:38] < Kor> …
[20:38] < Steve> OMG
[20:38] * Rirse ( Quit (Quit: )
[20:38] < Booken> Yeah right
[20:38] < Sun_Demon> wow
[20:38] < Sun_Demon> you killed rirse
[20:38] < Sun_Demon> sweet
[20:38] < Steve> you wanna see, booken?

And it won’t open now 8p

Nice job Steve. :stuck_out_tongue:

(I know a guy who did that to Xenogears, but it wrecked the PSX too :P)

So you got each of those tiny 1 millimetre pieces and crumbs of the CD out of the CD drive too?



xelo, shove it 8p
urk, i’m workin on it…
flint, i’m lucky i can open the damn thing partially ^.^

runs to

Go Steve!

That has to be worth points :stuck_out_tongue:


That sucks in an ironic sort of way, no?

How curious, that’s the exact same thing that happened to my brood War CD.

They probably were crappy old-type CDs…the older kind were more breakable than the ones used now.
How do I know this? Well see, I got approximately 2.5 AOL and Earthlink CDs per day when I got my first family PC, and after breaking those suckers in bulk with a sledgehammer for the past 10 years, I’ve noticed that they’ve become more resilient to breaking apart than they used to. (Don’t try breaking a new CD without proper eye protection, BTW, the shards fly everywhere. It’s their only defence mechanisim…use AOL or DIE!)

Why not just nuke it?

Oy. Frickin’. Vey.

Originally posted by Xelopheris

hate it when that happens

laughs…until he realizes that it can happen to him, too

Mwee hee! I love the world…

O_O When CDs Attack! In a drive near you!

Use Duct tape, it can fix anything. And yeah I carry an AOL CD with me on flights, you know just in case I need to improvise a projectile weapon, break the CD in the terrorists direction, the shards will kill, then with the largest fragment, you have a knife.

Chokes on laughter

I’ll becareful if that ever happens to me…

Gee, that sucks. -_-

I didn’t know Kero Hazel was an amateur pyscic; the only thing he got wrong was you dying. He deserves to be applauded.