No! Just no.

I think you’re all failing to understand that we don’t have a toaster with linux installed.

Oh, wait…

Toaster Linux makes more sense…

Okay, let me make clear where I stand:
[li]Linux: Fine, don’t really care, do whatever you want.
[/li][li]Linux on XBOX: Good work, mainly on the “in your face” sense.
[/li][li]Linux on Cube: It’s not a harmful thing, but it’s over the top. It’s just pointless to install it on a machine that can’t get much (If anything) out of it.

And I don’t know where you get the idea I was bashing the thread by mentioning Wert, I was in fact saying that a thread like this is perfectly reasonable on this forum countering your comment that this kind Linux discussion should be limited to Linux-centric forums.

Porting Linux to game consoles is for sissies. <a href=“”>Here’s</a> what real men do with Linux.

Wow, kero. Finally a useful invention. =D

I prefer the eNeticon model.

That was awesome.

You know what’d be cool. Linux - penis version. Not only can you be a geek, you can be a geek in the sack.

Hang on, can we get back to the Gamecubes that cost $50? I’m interested in that.

Call up Nintendo’s main line (they only have two lines, the main line and the hint line. Just think of the one thats not for hints), and do some button pressing with the automated woman, and keep an ear out for “Remanufactured GameCubes”. Not to be confused with Refurbished, or Preowned, those will cost more I believe (but under $100). I do believe that their’ phone line is the only way to get remanufactured ones though (But I know it exists on said line… I ordered one just last thursday since its cheaper than getting my current one repaired).

Yea, at my gamestop used is 50$, refurbished is 70$, and new is like 100 i think.

But we’re talking remanufactured, not refurbished :stuck_out_tongue:

How about modded? :smiley:

Since its coming straight from nintendo, I highly doubt it’ll be modded when it arrives, though if you know someone who does know how to mod it, nothings stopping you from sending it too him.