No, I don't think they read our boards

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a news junkie. On my days off work, I sit around watching MSNBC through the daytime, sticking around for Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann at night. On <A HREF=“”>Countdown</A> (Keith Olbermann’s show), they have a lot of bits on there that are on par with the Daily Show, if the Daily Show were a little more accurate. Hell, Keith even shows clips from the Daily Show from time to time if it proves his point. During his newscast, Keith has three points of interest that aren’t that exactly “hard-hitting” news (a potential fourth would be the celebrity news which, as he so often mentions, “the network makes [him] cover”), the Oddball segment, featuring random funny videos, the Top 3 Newsmakers, covering interesting or humorous stories that aren’t exactly national news… or important, and the Worst Persons in the World, which outlines who has been a total douchebag lately, and singles them out.

So, yesterday morning, 984 alerted me to the <A HREF=“”>Ninja threat on the UGA campus</A>. The first thing that came to my mind was that Countdown needed to be informed. I sent them an e-mail at about noon CST informing them of the story, and suggesting it for any of the three aforementioned segments (not actually expecting anything, but, if nothing else, it seemed to mesh with their sense of humor). As I watched the newscast that night, they not only reported that story, but also <A HREF=“”>the story of the $218 trillion phone bill</A> (which, granted, was from their website before we mentioned it).

Now, I doubt that my e-mailing them was the only way that they ever would have heard about the story, but I thought that it was somewhat ironic that their program was echoing stories that I’d already read up on on our own forums. :smiley:

<A HREF=“”>Link to the video, just under 5MB in size</A>. I DivX encoded it to bring it down from 900 MB. I just thought it was pretty funny, especially the background music they chose for the phone bill story. I cut off #3 on the list, because it wasn’t pertinent (it was about an Italian porn star who offered to have sex with Osama bin Laden if he’d end terrorism).

What, they don’t? Oddballs!

What’s there to say: that’s neat, cool, who’s Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann?

Keith Olbermann was the second main sportscenter newscaster to leave after Craig Kilborn. I like Keith better than Craig, but I think both should have stuck with espn.