No food is worth that much annoyance

You see these commercials for Mc Donalds new Chicken Selects? 'step away from the new chicken selects, if you can smell the chicken, you’re too close to the chicken selects" god damn, nothing at mc donalds is that good. i hate mcdonalds now almost as much as the wendys guy.

on the other hand, this commercial for milk with the pillsbury dough boy is fuckin funnaaaayyyy

I like the longer version of the comercial where he cuts out the eyes of someone who dares look at his chicken selects, and burns the victim to apease Baal, the god of murder and chicken products

Wasn’t baal the terror lord that got turned into a prinny?

Yes, but a very powerful one!

What?!?!? Baal is an ancient god of fertility according to the pagans that followed Baal, and a vile demon of deception according to the jews. Destruction doesn’t hold a candle to deception.

mmmm… fertility

huh, what was that? Oh yeah, deception is our friend, destruction is just silly and angsty

they’re yummy. Suck it Charle.

Nothing at McDonalds is good PERIOD.

That’s a lie. McDonald’s food tastes awesome. You just die a vague period of time after you eat it.

By “vague” I suppose you mean “roughly five minutes”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, I like some of their stuff, though I don’t eat there so often. I’m one of those few who only gets fast food, like, once every two months.

Its been years since I ate there. Has it gone downhill that much since then? I don’t remember them being all that bad.

Heh, then why haven’t you been there in years?

Because I’ve been on a diet that foregoes gluten, which is found in bread. And almost everything they have has some form of breading. The only thing I could really eat is the hamburger… if I remove the bun. And thats not worth ordering those crazy meals they have over.

McDonalds’ is good, as long as you don’t eat it like more than twice in one week. Though, the commercial really isn’t convincing me to go out and get chicken selects.

Or if you don’t mind doing some regular exercise.

Point is, you remembered how stupid the commercial was, AND you remembered what it was about. So they did thier job. You now are haunted by the thought of that shitty commercial and it will pop into your head when you are driving down the road thinking, “Hmmm, I sure am hungry, what could I get to eat?”.

So as annoying as they may be, they work.

I eat at McDonalds as often as I eat at DicAnn.

Nuff said.

I had an unfortunate experience at my friend’s house after eating some Chicken McNuggets. I never ate there since. Wendy’s and Burger King’s chicken is a lot better anyway.

I don’t eat fast food often though. Although my friend lives on Frozen Cokes.

Or you could do regular exercise, not eat Mcdonalds, and be much healther. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really only have Mcdonalds when I am feeling sadistic. Or, in the cast when I ate it last, starving, trapped in a downpour without an umbrella, other nearest food place was a good 2 KM away from the point I had already walked to, 4 hours of work left I didn’t feel like spending any wetter then I already was. I ate Mcdonalds and suffered for it for the rest of the day.

However, examples like these happen just often enough to keep Mcdonalds out of the red. Shame. Oh, and the really fat people who eat there.


There really are a lot better fast food places out there. I prefer Wendy’s or Taco Bell.