EGM interviewed Square Enix director Yoshinori Kita, regarding to the possibility of a PS3 remake of Final Fantasy VII; He said it would take a team of 300 people to develop the remake in the quality of PS3, and the development would last 5 years. He has so many other projects in the pipeline and a FFVII remake would be a heavy task. He commented if the timing is right, it is a very interesting perspective. It seems Square Enix’s first PS3 project is presumably Final Fantasy XIII, instead of the FFVII remake.

Wow, how very strange.

I’m not terribly surprised. I am a little surprised that we haven’t heard of more DQ remakes in the near future. It’s not like Enix to go this long without remaking something. Fortunately, there’s some Y’s remakes out right now to keep me satiated.

i’d rather see FFXIII than an ff7 remake. 7 doesnt need to be remade. sure, it would look totally awesome on the ps3, but so will ff13 when it comes out. besides, much as i love the game, which is a lot, im getting tired of additions to the ff7 story. let it rest in peace before it gets too drawn out. i may need a new copy of the game, but a remake is not necessary.
and if they do remake it, the only additions i want to see are new games at the Gold Saucer. and maybe an Omega Weapon wandering around somewhere, but that’s it.

Ugh, people need to stop with FF7, already. All of this constant marketing crap and new FF7 rip-offs is getting old. Leave Cloud alone and move on to something else, already.

I heard that cloud was trying to stay low and not have to do stuff like saving the world. why should we defy his wishes? he’s saved the world twice if you count AC, so doesnt he deserve some rest? fortunately, i think that CC, DOC and AC are the last of it.

Yeah, they should leave the story in peace, a lot of remakes are screwed up!
I mean, the remake of FF and FFII was good but why FFVII? It’s good enough already no matter what quality of graphics it has!

It’s like if I made a remake of Seinfeld… :no2:

I loved Seinfeld. The whole show just reminded me of my first years in college, with all of my friends. Nothing real going on, just stupid conversations that made no sense…

…where were we?

Oh, man, I was hoping for more exploitation on characters and themes I didn’t think were the best of the series to begin with. Seriously. I loved FFVII when I played it, and looked forward to AC, but this many spinoffs is leading me to want to vomit whenever I see non-original renders of the characters.

I must agree that the chances of the first PS3 FF being FFXIII are much bigger than it being a FFVII remake. I’m pretty sure that after AC, BC, CC, and DOC come out, Square will be done with their additions to FFVII. But the reason why I question it being FFXIII is the fact that they wouldn’t just tell us that they would be making FFXIII. Instead, they are keeping it a secret on what game it will be. The only time Square would keep a secret like that is if they are planning something much more special for the FF debut, rather than just the 13th addition to their best-selling series.

Um correct me if I’m wronge but wouldn’t enhanced graphics turn FFVII into a rated M game?

Think about it. theres hoar house witch would be just nasty,Theres Airis getting impaled witch would be more violent due to the graphics meaning more blood,theres Cload crossdressing… well that wouldn’t be bad but it would look wierd,and there the guy on the toilet witch less said the better. Theres probably more but I can’t think of it right now.

:moogle: It would be the first rated M final fantasy.

The only time Square would keep a secret like that is if they are planning something much more special for the FF debut, rather than just the 13th addition to their best-selling series.

Considering that there would be far more hype and interest in FF13 than in pretty much any other announcement they could possibly make (besides a remake of FF6 or FF7, both of which they’ve pretty much said they wouldn’t be doing)… yeah, it makes sense.
In any case, companies often keep these things a secret until a specific time. It all has to do with market shares and stock prices. I can’t pretend to understand all of it, but that much I know. :sunglasses:

FF7 was bad when it came out and its still bad today. A remake won’t change that, so better to move on to projects where your fanbase isn’t made up of guys who were twelve when FF7 game out and were attracted to Sephiroth and not the game.

Well, if this game is FFXIII than they obviously plan on making it bigger and different to the previous series games. As most people know by now, a lot of the infamous developers including Hironobu Sakaguichi, Yoshikita Amano, and Nobou Uemetsu have all left the company. This indicates a change in direction for the FF series, which will probably start in FFXIII. I am hoping that FFXIII brings back the unrealistic characters and the class system that FF9 had, and it could be possible since all of the developers of the recent games are working elsewhere. Chances are that the only real reason why they would plan FFXIII and not tell anyone is if they are planning it to be big. Considering it will be on the PS3, it may end up being the next FF7 and will become popular enough to get spin-offs. And I think that the chances of that aren’t so low. If you look at Square’s history, you will see that FF7 and FF10 were the only games to recieve spin-offs. You can also see that both FF7 and FF10 were Square’s system-debuting games of the series. So it may be possible that FFXIII will follow this trend and have spin-offs just like those games. If Square is keeping us from learning about FFXIII, they may be planning on this game being the next FF7 meaning that the game could recieve spin-offs. And the chances of this theory happing is definetly better than one of a FF7 remake, now considering that it would take 5 years to make that remake.

You can think whatever you want, but considering that FFXII is still quite a ways away from release, I highly doubt any of us can second-guess what Squeenix plans on doing with FFXIII. Personally, I wouldn’t even bother trying because the chances of being wrong are so high no matter what I’d say.

I don’t consider FF7 to be a bad game - it has some hiccups (the localization and graphics), but the story is very strong, the music is great, and the gameplay is a lot more fun than many other RPGs released since then.

Don’t get your hopes up for FFXIII any time soon. The Square half of the company is already starting to show Enix’s habit of delaying absolutely everything. So if XII is any example XIII won’t be out until 2008.

And now Nomura talks about this (after being squeezed like a lemon).
1UP interview with Tetsuya Nomura just before the Tokyo Game Show:

1UP: OK. My last question is, the FF7 tech demo for PS3 is very provocative. And there are only probably about 15 million people out there who would like to see it become a game. Is he as interested in seeing an FF7 remake as everyone else is?

TN: The PS3 tech demo was actually not the perfect forum that he wanted to have. It was just timing that we had to submit something in time for E3, for the press conference. So, again, it was not perfect forum. And the 7 remake idea was always, always in conversation, just because it’s so popular. And then just because of that tech demo here in the PS3 conference, that probably based more expectations of fans, obviously. And Kitase-san already has told Nomura-san so many times that if there is a remake, that should be created by Nomura. But, again, Nomura-san has so many other projects lined up already in the future schedule, so it’s almost impossible to think about that and squeeze that in. But if there is a right time, it would be interesting to create.

1UP: You just started a fire nobody’s going to be able to put out. It’s going to drive people crazy. Thank you very much.

Entire interview

Ok I think probably sometime in the next 10 to 20 years, when the “new” generation of video game players come along there will be one game that will be re-done, it’s inevitable, (like a remake of a movie). These compaines are waiting for our market to be long gone so they can release this like a new game…get everyone on the band wagon and then they’ll start coming out in droves…sorry to let everyone down but they will not be good, they will be rushed and poorly put together so they can get out while the fad is there, as much as we like revelling about the glory days, they were there. There will be new games that will come out that will be good but FF remakes will be very dissapointing to our standards…because we set them pretty high…(damn Tactics Advance)

“If” and “Would” are such charming words. So many false assumptions, it almost makes me laugh/cry at the same time.

Yeah, they also vehemently denied the possibility of any FFVII sequels. And look what happened. I can see them still remaking it. They’ve already raped the game’s illustrious name. Might as well remake it while they’re at it.