Nirvana is the best band ever.

I speak the truth, Kurt Cobain was a musical genious. Go buy the album In Utero. The songs were so easy to play but they just sounded so damn good. Anyone else like nirvana?

I like it when you shut up.

Great for you. Anyone else like nirvana?


Average. Smells Like Teen Spirit is the only one I can remember off the top of my head. It was okay. :\

Liberal tree huggers LOSE at life.


smells like teen spirit is a good song but deffinatley not their best. give nirvana a try, listen to lithium, about a girl, or try in bloom.

Why do I find the making of this thread ironic?

I hope everyone loses the election!

krist novoselic is a moron at politics.

But he’s a tiger in the sack


Conservative assholes lose at life a lot faster. Cool your attitude jackass.

On the other hand, CHARLEMAGNE, don’t fucking antagonize people. You’re really asking for it if you keep that up.