Nipples on a man:

What the Hell are they for anyway?

Discuss. In detail. Oh, disgusting detail.

I can shoot fire from mine.

The first mammals had both male and female feeding their children with their breasts. With time we evolved so that only females do so.

During your first weeks in the womb you are female, and your niples will form as such. Somewhere by the third month, if you got the Y cromossome, niples and some other parts will either attrofiate or start developing in a different way.

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It’s the dreaded Red X!

edit - Oh, I guess not, then.

Yeah, I can see where tasking both male and female animals to rear infants would be an evolutionary disadvantage.

As would carrying the exra weight in glands.

If you’re a marathon runner, nipples are <i>still</i> an evolutionary disadvantage! If only losing marathons caused you not to breed, we could evolve into a race of nippleless humanoids! We’d be legal for live action manga-style porn in Japan!

Dammit, Sin, did you really have to post that? At least put a warning before someone sees that, I’m gonna have nightmares for weeks X|

Woah, woah, wait a second. Is Burnie wearing ladies undergarments?

Angry ticks fire from mine.

Use 'em as a surrogate breast until the mother feels up to having the bugger clamp down on her mammaries again.

For sexual stimulation.


Forget what I said. Eden wins.

You might as well just close this thread. It’s over.


HOLY CRAP! i didn’t notice that until you mentioned it.

this thread really proved why i dont like them

I don’t like men’s nipples so much. I cannot lactate them. And no lactation means I do not salivate. I am unhappy when I am not salivating.

You don’t have to admit to being a drooling lunatic. We know.

So you’re admitting you drool over these?

My nipples are magical. (See link in sig.)

Ever heard of pacifyers?