Nintendo's mega-whatever announcement...

Several months ago, if not years, Nintendo promised to make some big announcement about some secret topic, promising to release it to the public at a later date.

During the wait, there was a lot of speculation about what Big N could be revealing. Some said it was a lawsuit against Sony, over the name Playstation… Others, a buy out or a new partner ship with another company.

But, after all these guesses, and all this talk, I missed one very important thing…

What the hell did they say? I must of missed it, or something. Or, are we still waiting?

Announced the Nintendo DS?

I must be dumb or something but,Why would Nintendo sue Sony for the name playstation,unless it was for the add on for the SNES that would make it play with cd’s.

Spot on. The playstation was to be the name for the SNES add on. When nintendo jumped ship, sony turned the add on into a whole new system. And how creative of them to think up their’ own name.

Wait wait wait, I thought the Playstation was the name of the original cd console that Nintendo & Sony were gonna make, then Nintendo pulled out of the deal and partnered with Philips to make the CD-I.

It was a stupid rumor at the time and every shred is false even the announcement.

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