USAopoly (who makes most of those themed Monopoly games) has recently acquired rights from Nintendo to make a Nintendo themed Monopoly game. What’s more, they got the rights from Hasbro to publish it with an actual Monopoly logo on the box, instead of the generic one that they use for clones that Hasbro doesn’t endorse.

<A HREF=“”>Here’s the link</A>.

Hasbro and Nintendo have done this once before, with a Pokémon themed Monopoly set.

Ooh, that’s pretty cool.

Awesome. I love Monopoly :slight_smile:

Hah that’s nice, this might be something I’ll pick up. I’ve always loved Monopoly (though it’s hard to find people to finish games)

So you get to buy the characters.

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That is wicked!!. I deffently have to buy that boardgame.

:thinking: :moogle: :hyperven: :biggrin:

Hmm, so I’d own the character’s souls in addition to my opponents… I like that idea…

Nintendopoly sounds like an interesting way to decide who plays who on Super Smash Bros. More thought would be required, but it would be interesting to only be able to play characters who you’ve bought on the board.

And of course, once you’ve got a monopoly of the characters, both games are over.