Nintendo supports animal abuse

How does Mario get Yoshi to open up his mouth and continuously eat? By physically abusing him and forcing him to do. If you look at the animation, Mario pounds Yoshi’s head and Yoshi bend , sticks out his tongue and eats. And eats. And eats.

Like in “Seven”

No, it’s just a coincidence, if you look at the animation carefully you’ll notice Mario never actually scores a hit. Mario just happens to take a swing at Yoshi’s head right at the exact same time Yoshi is bending down to eat because he’s such a fucking glutton. Mario probably sees something coming up that Yoshi wants to eat and tries to strike him in the head in order to stun him long enough to make it past the food, but Yoshi is too quick.

awww, poor Yoshi. I never noticed that. <.< But maybe Yoshi likes having his head pounded…

What about the multi-coloured ones in Star Road, in SMWorld? That stinks of genetic manipulation. And how many batches did Mario have to go through before he got the effect he wanted? Probably loads. Sic the RSPCA on him.

I’m just amazed PETA hasn’t gotten on Mario and friends for all the endangered species they slaugher. I mean, you can’t find a Goomba ANYWHERE anymore.

I have a Yoshi chained in my basement that I use as a garbage disposal, but neither PETA or the Humane Society is on to me yet.

I pity the turtles…especially Bowser. Poor Bowser. I hope he starts a mutiny at Nintendo.

Actually, as seen in Super Mario RPG, Bowser seems to enjoy the constant ruckus and the fights.

But he still gets picked on ;_;

If someone here has to complain it has to be Kazooie. Banjo used the poor bird like almost any tool invented by mankind, and more.

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But maybe Yoshi likes having his head pounded…

No comment, seriously no comment… :mwahaha:

honestly, though, the mario series has been dodgy throughout- I mean, to increase his powers, he eats dodgy-looking fungi, not to mention those plants that make him shoot fireballs… and frankly, yoshi just confuses me anyway- it’s commonly accepted that Yoshi is male, but “he” lays eggs? :thud: what a freaky world thge mushroom kingdoom is… :noway:

What else is new.
A lot of children friendly games encourage animal abuse, and it is if possible only more true when it comes to pedagogic games. I used to play a math game, where a mouse was forced to run around in a labyrint and away from a cat while doing simple adding and substraction. If it failed many enough times, it’d be eaten caught up by and eaten by the cat.

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If someone here has to complain it has to be Kazooie. Banjo used the poor bird like almost any tool invented by mankind, and more.

Actually there’s ONE “tool” that I hope Kazooie isn’t used as…

Ahem. And on a related note, I like your avvy Caleb.

So someone thinks that video games promote violence.

What else is new?

We also need to mention Mario’s commie.

LMAO - I have never seen that strip before

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But he still gets picked on ;_;

I think the best part about Mario games, is that Bowser kidnaps the princess mainly just to piss Mario off.

That’s what they WANT you to think, at least. :mwahaha: