Nintendo sucks.

Makes me all the wiser for pre-ordering Dragon Quest VIII instead of Twilight Princess. Though I’m still keeping my Gamecube for it.

edit: I’m as big a Nintendo fanboy as anyone and I won’t even buy a GB micro. But I did buy a Virtual Boy(albeit a long time ago), which could also cause blindness with regular use, and it was really hard to play it on mushrooms.

Amen brother!

On an unrelated note, Mario Baseball is not as fun as Mario Golf! Boo at Mario Baseball@!!!

That is totally true. Mario Tennis was kinda awful too.

I still think the GameCube has had generally the best version of multi-release games, but all the best exlusives go to PS2. I don’t own any of them, but I plan to when MK: Shaolin Monks comes out, since I can’t emulate that, and it’s not coming out on PSP.

Wow, I think the opposite. First, the controller seems to be built for Nintendo’s exclusives and not other games. Second, I don’t have an idea in hell, but saving seems to be a little bit longer. I’ve always thought that the XBOX gets the better versions generally (the PS2 gets the better version at times). It seems like once in a blue moon the GC actually gets the best version. Too each his own I suppose.

what the heck?? they are delaying the game for perfectly acceptable reasons. they’re adding new levels and other content (think along the lines of OoT’s trading game and skulltula collection.) personally, i’d be very VERY pissed if they just shunted the game out half baked. and in reference to your ps3 tht you wanna buy, they’re rushing it out so you have a 50% chance it’ll fall apart within the year. K maybe not that bad…still, the revolution should be good. Internet straight out the box and downloadable old school games. not to mention the backwards compatibility that microsoft decided not to make use of >:0

EDIT: Geist could have been really cool. the concept of possessing people with large guns and shooting people, then possessing someone else in the mayhem would have been really sweet if they had done it right.

This discusion is based on an angry mans thoughts about nintendo when they delayed the game to next year.

Some dude: Mr. gun, what do you think have to say as a rebutle to nintendo?

Me: Ahem…FUCK NINTENDO!!!..that is all.

Some dude: Dont you think that is a bit harsh, seeing how they will make it better?

Me: I already said that is all, you wanna quesiton my authority?

Some dude: Sorry sir.

Me: Damn right.

all right, they may be a bit slow…very slow…but this one should be worth waiting for. and if it’s not, everyone jump in my car and we’ll go destroy the LOZTP team.

Im up for a road trip that will take us some where so that we may kill people…ya…im that crazy.

And the XBOX and PS2 had that this generation, even the Dreamcast had it, Nintendo and the Revolution are a little behind the times. Besides, I’d question Nintendo’s use of the online ability seeing how they did make the GC online capable, but never really used it. Also, Nintendo hasn’t even announced a plan for their online system. The XBox 360 does have backwards compatibility…if you get the good version. Also, the problem with the Revolution coming out so late is that there already isn’t much excitment for it and people are already planning on buying the XBox 360 and PS3 which is gonna push them even further into the next generation while Nintendo struggles with the GC. I don’t think that the PS3 is really being rushed since there already was talk of releasing it this year.

Also, I think that Jango is pissed because “quality” is always cited as the reason for delaying a game, but many games still end up bad or don’t exhibit anything that wasn’t already expected. Not only that, but citing quality as a reason for delaying a game raises expectations which makes it worse in the eyes of gamers despite it being a little bit better.

Didn’t Microsoft say that the Backwards Compatibility is limited, in a sense, to an average of 7 games or something?

From what I’ve seen by way of trailers and things, if delaying the game gives it better quality and makes it a better game, i’ll be buying it at first opportunity. And maybe me and my friends are just Nintendo die-hards, but we can’t wait to see the revolution or play twilight princess. the next gen will be quite impressive on other systems, and maybe moreso…still, i guess i’m just one of the die-hards.