Nintendo sucks.

They delayed Twilight Princess from around november to at least april '06. Yeah, after all the delays that kept OoT from being released…I just don’t care anymore.

And that ‘quality first’ line they’re touting as the reason is a load of shit. Since when Nintendo delays a game once they’re likely to do it again. And eventually the game has been delayed two years and a good portion of the people anticipating it just don’t care anymore and they can claim delays make quality games but personally the longer the delay the less willing I am to spend the money. Especially since the PS3 is being released around then. Lets just say I’m now far less willing to buy the Twilight Princess and I’m even less willing to waste my money on the Revolution.

The game is now for cool people only, I guess.

Now it will be my spring finals, not my December ones, that get seriously threatened.

Man, that stinks, I was mad enough it was delayed to november. Man…that sucks. Oh well, just means nintendo will be looked badly upon for a little while.

Yeah, and now they just dropped thier trump card for this holiday. Now they have nothing else on the way this year that’s worth noting. Well, I can get the gameboy micro and pokemon Emerald. Actually… the DS just dropped to 130. I can tide myself over with Nintendogs (actually… that doesnt sound too terrible).

Fuck you, Nintendo.

The ‘quality first’ line is a load of shit because the KEEP delaying their games? I would think it would be the opposite… :stuck_out_tongue:

When Nintendo delays a game for some reason it doesn’t get any better. OoT was delayed about 10 times and it was disappointing when compared to what Nintendo had been building it up to be. It was about 1/4th as good as I expected. And Mario 128 was delayed as a GCN release title and then they decided to make Mario Sunshine. Nintendo has a tendency to ‘make things better’ by making them suck.

I’m buying it, but only because I remember hearing them go so far as to admit Wind Waker was flawed, namely in the few dungeons, the horrible Triforce hunt, and I’m just putting two and two together to ascertain that maybe, just maybe, this’ll mean that tehy’re going out of there way to avoid such a catastrophe.

How can you say that it doesn’t get better when it’s delayed? Since you don’t know what the game was like before it was delayed, you’re simply making an assumption.

You are under no obligation to buy Nintendo’s games. If you’re upset about their delays, then show it by not playing their games. However, you do have some of your facts wrong; Nintendo hasn’t "kept delaying"Twilight Princess. They’ve delayed it once. The only release date they’d ever made for it was “fall 2005,” and that only applied to a JP release, not a US release. 128 Marios wasn’t delayed in favor of Mario Sunshine, it was never announced. Much like the OoT-looking Zelda title shown in the original displays of the GCN hardware, the 128 Marios tech demo was just that, a tech demo. It was just about a year ago that Miyamoto decided that, due to public demand, he’d turn it into a real game, but couldn’t get it ready before the estimated launch of the Revolution.

Again, if you’re not happy with their recent games, then show it by not buying their products, not by bitching about them and then buying them anyway. They’ve done nothing to anger me (aside from not releasing Mother 1+2 in the US… >_<), so I’ll keep buying their games.

Also, “What if” the original release date had been the 2006 one? Eh? eh? Imagine it like that and you should remain in a blissful state. (I’m waiting for the Revolution Smash game … anyone got any info on that one?)

A part of me is sort of happy. So many good game are coming out around that time that this just makes it easier to narrow it down and then save up and get it later. However, this is stupid of NIntendo since they haven’t had many big hits or console exclusives in awhile.

To all people who are whinning about Nintendo…

!kb Rirse

Yeah, being sad is for pussies.

There’s Geist, which came out a couple of days ago. I picked it up today, but I haven’t been able to play it yet.

Geist isn’t a hit. It’s getting lack luster reviews left, right and center and for once it sounds like the reviewers are right. Nintendo basically harpooned the only thing that could have saved their holiday season. And so, another year with another dieing console, courtesy of Nintendo.

oh well, we all know companys have got to make people all pissed…PUBLICITY!!! No, im joking, it happens cuz some one thinks it a good idea, or some one screwed up…Panzees.

Speak for yourself, I have a lot more fun playing Gamecube with my friends then I ever had playing ps2 or xbox.

I honestly can’t say I’m surprised at all.

But you’d think Nintendo would learn from their mistakes. Delays like this just give Sony and Microsoft a bigger lead.

Honestly, I’m thinking of giving up on gaming across the board. Consoles have been shooting themselves in the foot with the next-gen, and now this.

I’m glad, it allows me to make more money when it comes out, but still.

Can we discuss GBMicro?
$100 for a system that’ll probably be easy to lose and/or blind the user?
I’m not buying one.