Nintendo, Microsoft: Please read

You’re both fighting Sony. Sony is winning. It’s time both of you admitted it. The war isn’t over, though, and there’s a way to get Sony off your back, or at least take the “undisputed #1” title from them. Want to know the secret? Here it is: swallow your pride.

In order to keep Sony from ruling the game industry with an iron fist, Microsoft must develop games for the Nintendo DS. I can’t forsee any other way around this. If Microsoft starts making DS games, then Nintendo and Microsoft can team up to take on PSP. Since Sony would have to pump money into the PSP to keep it afloat between the barrage of attacks from its competitors, that’d take away from money that could be used on PS2/PS3. If they give up on the PSP, well, that’s a victory in itself. If not, then they won’t have as much money to spend on PS2/PS3.

It’s “go” time. Now. You must act now, or Sony will simply dominate this industry, and no one will ever be able to change it. I’m a consumer. I purchased your systems, as well as Sony’s. As a consumer, I prefer having a choice, not having things crammed down my throat. Act now, or all of us have lost.

Pfft. Nintendos too proud and Gates is a dick :stuck_out_tongue:

Serious Buisness.

I honestly believe Nintendo should stop making consoles now, and stick to games, they’re better at it. Microsoft should stick to computers, and some games.

Did you send them an e-mail or something?

If not, do it!

IIRC, didn’t MS let Rare make some GBA games, like Banjo-Kazooie and the ports of the DKC games? Or were those handled by something else?

I’m pretty sure that Rare holds the rights to the BK series.

Edit: Dont get me wrong, I agree with you, but it shows that the 2 aren’t completely illogical on this matter, so there is some hope it would happen :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with neither of those statements. Nintendo’s hardware this generation (Gamecube) is the least likely to break of the three. Also, the Wavebird is the best wireless controller we’ve ever seen, and the GBA SP is the best handheld that’s ever been released. What’s more, Microsoft has shown some amazing business knowledge in the field already, bringing aboard developers like Capcom, Konami, Namco, Tecmo, and, now, Square Enix.

Nintendo and Microsoft won’t team Up There is no way

Arac, you actually have that backwards. Nintendo kicks ass at consoles, it’s just that the games for their latest either suck or are mediocre. The Cube doesn’t have that much to envy the PS2, if it only had more good games…

Microsoft actually has made games for GBA, through THQ. Check the back of Banjo Kazooie or Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee and you’ll see a “Microsoft Game Studios” logo. My suggestion is simply that Microsoft themselves should buy a DS license. I’m not saying they should team up on home consoles, that’d be stupid, as they each have equally powerful systems. But, on handhelds, if MS bought a DS license, it would stand the possibility of crushing Sony’s handheld game.

I guess I’m the only one that’s had this be the complete reverse- Nintendo’s hardware has been terrible for me this generation. My GCN broke after only a year and a half of using it, but I still have my PS2 I got from the initial launch, and I haven’t had a single problem with it. That and I’ve had 5 Nintendo brand memory cards die on me and not a single PS2 one- and it’s not that I treat my hardware poorly either.

I call it karmatic justice. >.>

Anyway, only one Nintendo thing has died on me, and that’s the old original NES. Only one Sega thing has died on me too (the rather cheap Game Gear). PS2 is still kicking despite being lugged between Athens and Marietta around 20 times now. Same with the Saturn. Same with the DC. Speaking of which, I gotta go plug the Sat and PS2 back in sometime soon.

I run emus, so mine never break. I judge by how well they run the games, and I prefer ps2 by a long shot.

PSP. That’s all I have to say.

They did this on PC, as well. However, their PCs don’t break at the drop of a hat, and have a lot of good games made for them, unlike their console.

It could happen. They will be using pretty much the same hardware, both using ATi and IBM.

I honestly think that the PS2 is overhyped. It’s all a matter of opinion what games are good or not, and I think the GameCube has plenty of enjoyable games (although I do wish there were more RPGs for it). And I doubt that Sony will dominate the industry, and even if they do, I’ll still like Nintendo much better.

Why would you want Nintendo and Microsoft to team up against Sony? Sony = good guys. You don’t want Sony gone. Sony is far too noble, they’re the only thing keeping hardcore gaming culture alive right now. The antagonist here is Microsoft. If anything, Nintendo and Sony should be teaming up to defeat THEM.

God, losing Sony and keeping Microsoft would just be a complete disaster. Nintendo is helpless lately. Nintendo should develop games for the PSP if they want to get rid of Microsoft’s disgusting, festering presence.

Justice for what? >_>

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Figure it out.

Umm, Sony has banned 2D games on their system. BANNED. They are the reason the new Goemon isn’t coming out, because “2D games aren’t appropriate for America.” Their hardware is the hardest to develop for, and they put ridiculous rules on their 3rd parties (such as the X-must-always-be-the-confirm-button-even-though-we-require-that-Circle-be-the-confirm-button-in-Japan rule). Microsoft allows their 3rd parties to do whatever they feel is best (Sony turned down Jet Set Radio Future, saying that it would only sell in Japan, they also turned down Metal Slug 3 and SVC Chaos, under the 2D rule, and the aforementioned Goemon), and Sega, Tecmo, and Mist Walker (Sakaguchi’s new studio) have learned that they have far more freedom with Microsoft than they do with Sony.

Personally, I think Microsoft is keeping the hardcore gamer alive right now. Panzer Dragoon Orta, Jet Set Radio Future, Gun Valkyrie, Ninja Gaiden, Steel Battalion… all Xbox exclusives. There are very few, if any, “hardcore” PS2 exclusives. Most PS2 exclusives are simply “mainstream,” not “hardcore.”

My point wasn’t that Sony was “evil” or anything, simply that they have terrible business practices, and that they’re trying to rule the industry and kick everyone else out. Obviously there’s going to be great games on Sony’s platform, simply because more people bought it. More people watch ESPN than Anime Network, does that make it better? No, but advertisers are more willing to go with the former. Same with game developers. The Xbox and Gamecube both have superior hardware to the PS2, but developers have to go with PS2 because it has a larger installed base.

If you’re only pirating things anyway, what would it matter to you if Microsoft and Nintendo ever stop making consoles? You’re not going to buy them, anyway. If you weren’t pirating, you’d notice that Xbox and Gamecube hardware outperform PS2 hardware (I meant spec wise, but yeah, PS2s do tend to break more than the other two).

PSP. That’s all I have to say.[/quote]

I’m sorry, but I think the thousands of games that I can play on my GBA SP far outweigh the 25 or so games that I could play on a PSP by the end of the year. Not to mention Sony’s pixel problems. But I won’t hold that against the hardware, once it starts supporting some software that’s worth a damn, I’ll consider it a worthwhile system. For now, it’s just a glorified tech demo.

I really have no idea what you’re talking about here. I didn’t know that Microsoft made PCs, and Xboxes don’t break very easily. Microsoft doesn’t court any 3rd party PC software developers, PC software is simply made by whomever wants to make it. Sure, they have to ask Microsoft if they can put a Windows logo on the box, but if they don’t, they can still put the words “Windows Compatible” on their without MS’s permission. On Xbox, companies have to buy a license, which they wouldn’t do if they thought the hardware was bad. The thing is, the hardware isn’t bad. The Xbox is the most powerful game system currently on the market.

And, one thing I didn’t mention before: Xbox has the best online support, period. No one even comes close.

I want Ninja Gaiden. If it’s anywhere near as good as Shinobi, it’s definately the best game on X-Box.