Nintendo E3 Press Conference

Wii seems to be the real name. Wii will ship sometime Q4 2006, I’m expecting a christmas release. Zelda: Twilight Princess will be a launch title, and come in 2 versions: GC and Wii. The Wii version takes advantage of the Wiimote, having you swing weapons around etc.

Also, the Wiimote has a built-in speaker. It will be used to add depth to the sound, like an arrow firing from your bow and hitting a target on screen.

No price has yet been announced.

A variety of totally awesome titles have been announced. Yoshi’s Island 2, Diddy Kong Racing DS, Mario Galaxy (new Wii platformer), some sort of Star Fox game with actual Arwings.

Basically, they beat the shit out of Sony. Twice.


Diddy Kong Racing DS


Mario Galaxy (new Wii platformer)


some sort of Star Fox game with actual Arwings.


Basically, they beat the shit out of Sony. Twice.

The best news of all!

I find myself fully prepared to put all faith in Nintendo not to mess this up as it actually sounds kinda cool. I can just hear myself screaming when I accidently smash the controller on the wall in a fit of slashing though.


What you should do, is strap the Wii controller onto one of your swords, and swing it that way.

Well this brings up two questions.

  1. Which sword? I have a…ehm…few if you recall.

  2. Do we REALLY want to put me in that state of mind given past incidents?

The one that’s the closest in size to Link’s, of course. And just make sure you only do it when there’s no cats in the room. Or people.

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And wear the Jack Thompson shirt while I do it just to be that much worse.

So, you don’t have to get a version with that stupid remote?

Sorry, I outgrew direct physical videogame interaction after me NES Track&Field pad…

From the videos, it seems that you don’t actually swing with the controller to basic sword swings, you just use the B button. Other things do use the motion senor, long ranged weapons like the boomerang and the bow and certain moves like shield bashfoward jab, rotate for spin, and jab down for the finisher.

Wii. Still doesn’t feel right, like a typo ridden WWII.

However Mario platformers rock. (mario is Missing ahem.)

I like this thread better than the Sony one. And while “Wii” seems to be going above and beyond the normal stupidity found in video game system names … well … I still want a DS!!

And the new Super Smash game.

But the real question (that may or may not have been answered already): is it backwards compatible?

The Wii has the controller and memory slots, and can run the discs for Gamecube so the only question is how universal will its compatibility be.

Whats funny is that people think that the Wii will come out theis christmas, while the release date for TP is november. Hmm interesting.

Nintendo just blew everyone else out of the water, no? :wink:

November is typically when they release items that are “in time for Christmas.”

You know, I can’t help but notice that, despite all of the commotion around Super Smash Bros. Brawl, there’s still be no announcement about Mother 3. Nintendo’s letting us down again.