If you think you’re cool by “knowing the truth about ninjas” IE: Ninjas were just lowlife assassins and werent that cool in real life, you arent. You suck, ok? Ninjas, were everywhere, in japan, ok, they had big ass ninja dojos and could make shields and crossbows appear out of nowhere, and they wore headbands that said “Ninja” on them. ok? Movies know more than you, stop trying to be cool.


I have a headband that says “lets get physical”

I played Ninja Gaiden. I KNOW THE TRUTH.

Other than the headbands that send ninja on them, that’s all true. Their headbands really said ‘Lowlife Assassin,’ to trick those foolish historians. It worked too, bless those crafty ninja bastards, it worked.

This is why I love ninjas.

Well, all I really know for sure is that there is never an “s” at the end of the word ninja. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice Pokefreak, that’s true. Being a Japanese word, it is therefore bound to Japanese grammar also, and in the Japanese language, no difference is applied to the word when it becomes plural.
i.e: Sheep, fish, dog(s), cat(s)

I’m always picky about this too! Haha.

But why are we not able to love the ‘fictional’ ninja… as long as we are able to appreciate and acknowledge the reality (cough
we’re all good plebs!


Ninja vanish!

Well, I’m not always picky about it, just every now and then. And since I’ve studied some basic japanese twice (failed the first course because I was talking too much to my friend during the lessons :P) I took this chance to fill my pickyness quota for the day. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I do agree with you that it’s definately OK to worship the fictional ninja sa long as we are at least slightly connected to reality. But since charl made this thread very soon after the thread about the “Real Ultimate Power” page, the reason this thread is here is probably because there are some who aren’t connected to reality at all.
Which sucks for the rest of us.
But charl rocks, so it sort of makes up for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

(What? I can’t stay serious that long. I mean, that’s almost unofficially forbidden here at RPGC.)

And I think the ninja smilie headbands are a lot better. :stuck_out_tongue:
(Mmm… Gotta go back to watching anime when I get home… :D)

Wakizashi not katana!

dont forget they can also travel by shadow…shweet.

:moogle: and there headbands give them infinite ninja stars…shuper shweet.


Ninja-to, actually. Thicker and sturdier than a Wakizashi, as well as a little longer, so it could be used for digging, steps in a ladder, etc. It was also blackened. Just to look cool.

Oh, and the Ninja/Ninjas thing actually depends. It is both a Japanese and English word; an ‘adopted’ word. So, since it was made into an English word, it may be pluralized with an ‘s,’ and also may be pluralized without one. Either one is grammatically correct.
However, if you’re speaking Japanese, Ninja is the only correct option.

EDIT: Ninja also wielded tanto, and shuriken, and a whole host of other fun stuff. They were also trained to use basically any weapon, in case they needed to.