Ninja or Pirates.


The game “Ninja” was totally crap. The game "<A HREF="">Pirates</A>" is amongst the finest games of all time.


If this were Pirates Vs Samurai, I’d go for Samurai, but I fear no ninja, as lethal as he might be, can ever mach the awesomeness of Guybrush Threepwood and Monkey D. Luffy.


Where is my Ninja Pirates option? Pirates with ninjitsu training > pirates without ninjitsu training/ninjas without swag.

Apparently you people don’t know the most basic rules of the universe. Pirate beats ninja!

The D&D swashbuckler is better than the ninja, or so Gamer tells me.

Samurai’s are the coolest!!! On rpgs like fft for playstation i am the samurai. I try to be a samurai in every game i play.

I like ninja. ninja make pink things die.