Ninja Gaiden wishes it could be this cool; Karas.


Episode 1 by c.j

This is the absolute best-looking anime in the last five years. Check out the trailer and I defy you to not want to watch the first episode. This is seriously awesome. it involves some kind of end-of-the-world battle between some evil guy in a ninja-suit and some cute girl and her similarly ninja-suited employee*. There’s also a detective investigating a series of murders by Youkai (read; demons) and a man who kills said Youkai with dual-wielded gold-plated pistols. Get it. Now.

*Assuming here. The plot for the first episode is barely comprehensible but you won’t care when the fighting starts.

Downloading now.

Hmm, I am having problems viewing this file. I use Media Player Classic, and have the Defiler Pack installed. Tried VLC as well :frowning: