More specificly, tiny plaid ninja.

You spell ‘Honor’ like a Brit!

That made me laugh out loud.


Me too. :hahaha;

:slight_smile: :hahaha;

That was stupidly funny.

“You have soiled my honor!”
“You have broken my honor!”
“You have no honor!”
“You spell honor like a Brit!”


Ninja, Ninja rap! Ninja, ninja rap! Go go go go. GO NINJA GO NINJA GO! GO NINJA GO NINJA GO!

…Okay, I feel evil now, in a bad way. I’m gonna go kill myself now.

Heh. That was goofy

I’ll admit that was pretty funny.


I love the dialogue

I refuse to find that funny. You hear me! I refuse.

It wasn’t that funny… I spell it as honour.

That was ok.

I liked the music…

As did I. I thought the ending sucked though, too lame for me.

yeah, I’ve always been a non-fan of deus ex machina endings… that was a DEM and a half, if ive ever seen one. I felt robbed of my ninja kung-fu goodness

Almost worth cookies!

That was odd. Really odd.

Odd, but awesomely cool. Especially the music.

Have at you!