Nihilistic is no longer working on StarCraft: Ghost

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I vageuly remember Nihilistic being associated wtih some 1st-class FPSs. We’re assuming this news is bad then?

Could be?

A friend of mine used to look like Nova, the Ghost, in it. I mean, I thought She had been Modeling for Blizzard. Since Blizzard re-did Nova and They don’t any look like each over any more.

Big Nutter
I discoverd it 24 hours before FFX-2

o_O i thought ghost was out already? I could’ve sworn the gaming magazines reviewed it.

It’s at least 6 months over due, I’ve got an Ad by Blizzard saying “Out in 2003”, and it’s still downloadable.

Big Nutter
It begining to feel Duke Nukem: (This game will take) Forever (to make)

No it isn’t, pretty much every game gets delays. Duke Nukem Forever got 10 years of them, SC:G has a normal amount of delays so far.

You can never believe Blizzard’s release dates, because they always change something, and delay it.

I never expected Blizzard to delay one of <b>its</b> games :open_mouth:

Yeah, but at least Blizzard delay their RPGs for the reason they actually want to make them better. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shh, I’m still in shock from <b>Blizzard</b>, of all companies, delaying one of its games. Blizzard! :open_mouth:

I think they should just forget about Ghost and go ahead and make “Korean Zerg rush: The game”

There needs to be a starcraft map called “Defend from the koreans”

I’m not suprised frankly, my brother recently left Nihilistic because neither side could get their act together. Blizzard wanted constant near remakes of the game, and Nihilistic was so unorganized in actually making the game that I’m frankly not suprised. Though my brother was saying october or november on a release of the game.

Pierson, the only game Nihilistic has made before this was Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption.

There probably is one. The magic of Use Map Settings at work.