Nightmare City

I don’t think anyone has made a thread about this before, and I thought I’d share it. A flash movie made by some really talented person(s).

Nightmare City: Part One

Hope you enjoy them, I thought they were pretty neat.

Edit: Removed the second link, as none of them seemed to work.

First impression: “…What did I just see?”

After-thought: “Random happy-crazy-hyper-fast-paced-psycho-melo-drama like this is the definition of why I do not like ‘most’ Anime.”

It was neat for what it was, but I still can’t figure out what the hell the point was. I mean, there was like this thing called a story and then a bunch of seemingly meaningless action and then another melo-dramatic story bit at the end… Its like Advent Children with ugly anime cats.

It had decent animation though.

Edit: Also, the 2nd one doesnt load for me.

… quite good.

I see a title like “nightmare city”

and I expect content to revolve around Detroit or St. Louis.