Nightblade May Cry

I have just got DMC 3. The game is very challenging, they upped the difficulty for the US Version big time. Playing as a swordmaster, Aerial Rave helped big time against Ceberus . If you were afraid that this game was gonna suck, don’t worry, cause like Dante says:


Ok, that was corny. Go get DMC3!

Is it double disc? Two choices of players?

I love DMC, and I even liked DMC2. I love games like these. I reccomend Chaos Legion.

No, it’s 1 disc. But the gameplay is much better, and like I said, the game is very challenging. Plus, Dante gets 4 styles, each with 3 levels. I only tried trickster and swordmaster so far.

Am I the only who has Devil May Cry 3 here?


Gunmaster is pretty fun to play, because you’ve got some good air control if you jump a whole lot. It’s the most versatile of the styles. You have to always move with Trickster. You have to always stay in the same freaking place fo RoyalGuard and Swordmaster is too combo oriented. When we played the game, Gunmaster was the style we most used.

I tend to go Gunslinger and Swordmaster more often than not, the Artemis Gun sucks ass without Gunslinger, but with it, it becomes a tiny tool of devastation. Not to mention charging Ivory and Ebony rules.

I like the combo style that goes with Swordmaster, but I’ll admit I don’t use the special combos as much, which is why my Gunslinger gets more XP more often than not. Royal Guard is just NOT my style (I don’t block, I have the innate reaction to get the hell out and dodge) but Trickster can be okay, for bosses I couldn’t kill at all at first (I needed it for the 1st boss, I was THAT bad at first)

I got Gunslinger and Swordmaster at level 3. Gunslinger allows for some good crowd control when you have ebony and ivory equipped. With Swordmaster, always am able to pull off SSStylish combos. Trickster is very useful at level 2 against bosses especially against Vergil on Hard.. Didn’t reach level 3 with Trickster yet.

I played the game and I have to say that it is very challenging,my favorite style so far is swordmaster,too bad I didn’t get to far unfortunatly,but is still very good and I reccomend it.

I want DMC3. People say it’s a lot harder than DMC1, which means it might almost compare to Shinobi, so it should be pretty fun if I can get my hands on it.

Yeah, at the beginning I sucked. But as you progress through the game, you gain more moves, and understanding of the enemy patterns. I now pwn at the game :slight_smile:

Penny arcade one was funnier.
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