Nightblade, I need a public word with you

No, this can’t be done in a PM.
We both have Alucard stuff all around in our whole… board-persona-thing. I believe it’s an eyesore to have two people with Alucard stuff all over. I just want to know who else agrees with me on this li’l subject. There’s no way a trend is starting from this.

No. I disagree. Remember when a bunch of people had Iron Maiden avatars? That was cool. So… if you both think that Alucard is cool- keep him.

Actually, I don’t. What I’m saying is we have sigs and Avatars with Alucard >_<

He didn’t steal your avvie or sig, so I see no problems. And yes this could have been done in a PM.

And Drak did it before the both of you.