Night of Fire - HINOI Team feat. Korikki

Or as I like to call it, <A HREF=“”>Fat Guy dancing with hot asian chicks</A>. The song is Avex Move’s “Night of Fire” (best known for its use in Initial D, but also appearing in Konami’s DDR: Disney Mix). The women are… well, they’re hot asian chicks. But that’s not why you watch this video. That guy is a fat asian guy, and I’m not sure who he is, or why he’s there, but he’s pretty damn funny, even without knowing the language. At least watch for 48 seconds. That’s where I lose my shit.

The fat guy doesn’t even sound like he’s speaking Japanese :open_mouth:

Now I have this sudden and incredible urge to play IIDX. Also, check out anything by Maeda Ken for more TechPara shemale goodness.

Shemale goodness?

I didn’t know you got down like that, Dev.

That guy is hecka hot!

That man is not as fat as advertised. :frowning:
I suppose he’s hueg by Japanese stardards, but I live in America, dammit! But yeah, pretty funny video. :smiley:

Ha ha, funny, laugh at the fat guy sarcasm

What’s up with the fire-breathing?

Dude, it’s fire! Don’t dis the fire!

You’re right, he wasn’t that fat… now this guy, this guy’s fat:

<IMG SRC=“”>

I want to see that man eat a pie.

I couldn’t watch that whole video. I just couldn’t stand the music.

Then you may or may not have no taste, depending on your personal opinion.


Seconded. Ah, America, home of thousand-pound men and fourty-pound cats. Kinda brings a tear to my eye. sniffle