as you know in almost every ff they give you a chance to nickname ff character that joins your party. well lets see your creative nicknames for any ff game you have given to a character.

dagger- dagger (kept it the same)

ffI (this game i have for the GBA and if you own this game you no you can auto selesct a name, but i gave them nicknames lol)

white wizard- tifa
black wizard- vivi!

so lets see yours!:biggrin:

Once in FFIV, I tried the whole “name them backwards” thing, and got some interesting names that way, like Licec and Aidyr.

Final Fantasy Five, I named Bartz Mentos. I don’t know why, I cannot fathom my rerasoning then, but whenever I play that game now,. I gotta call him Mentos.

Once when playing Chrono Trigger, decided to name them all something latin associated with them. Lumen, Flama, Glaci, Aqua, Machi, Vista, Umbra. Should be obvious who is who.

That’s really it. oh, except the time I tried playing FFI on my playstaion, and got Alexei the Knight, Iga the Monk, Chris the White Wizard, and Cid the Black.

Usually I just keep them the same, or name them after my mates.

On one occasion I named all the characters in 7, with random nicknames, like V, Captain, Silva. That sort of stuff.

My favorite nickname game is picking a theme, like philosophers, military ranks, or greek gods, or once i used every dictator’s name I could think of. Although I do have a good list of names to give Palom & Porom in ffiv

Black & Decker
Solt & Peppor (from chrono cross obviously)
Father & Son
Black & White
Mop & Glo
Persn1 & Persn2

Come to think of it my favorite nicknames I ever used where Chronodilmonotiso and Adnocannomiligat, not completely sure of the spelling, but I was just taking advantage of the length allowed for the names of the boy and dog for Secret of Evermore, though “Boy” and “Dog” were great ones too.

The first time I play a game I customize the names, then the next I leave them default. I can’t remember what I named Cloud and the most others in FF7, but I remember I called Red XIII “Snoopy” and Cait Sith “Jigglypuff”.
In FF8 I called Squall “Garret” and Rinoa “Sarah”. Those are the only character names you could do, but the GF’s were much more fun to name. The only ones I remember were Quezacotl - Sparky, Shiva - IceQueen, Ifrit - FyreLord, and Eden - Fear. Keep in mind I had no idea how these guys performed most of the time, I was just going by tiny profile pictures.
FF9 I named Zidane “Dusty”, Dagger “Jessica”, Steiner “Lance”, Vivi “Milo”, Quina “Audrey” (after Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors", Eiko “Alice”, Amarant “Redman”, Freya “Tess”.
FF10 I named Tidus “Zack”, he looked like a Zack, and Valefor “Rhodan”, Ifrit “Volcayno”, Ixion “Unicron”, Shiva “Frieza”, Bahamut “Ghaelige” (from my g/f’s IM name, it sounded cool).

Oh God, Secret of Evermore’s name lengths were FUN to play around with. Evenrtually, I fell into a thing where I’d name them Quicksilver and Hoobie Monster. D-don’t ask, it was my sister’s idea.

all main characters are chucks.
all main women are liz. (which sucks for ffvii cause i named aeris liz)
3rd character is darion.
4th is joe.
2nd female is jen.
i make the rest up as i go along.
except for barret in ffvii, he was dolimite.

Mike or Mïké: Cecil, Bartz, Edgar, Cloud, Zidane and Titus.
Dave: Locke, and Vivi.
Gemma: First Name able Female

The Rest are one offs that I like.

I usually leave the names as is, however, I do hae a habit of naming the main characters Pink, or Carter, and will sometimes use names from other games. Also, I always try to have a character named Cid in every game i play (not just ffs). I usually name RedXIII Nanaki from the start, and have named Barrent Mr.T. I need to play around with names more often.