Nice deal...

I reckon I’ve scored myself a bargain here. Sat on my desk, not a foot away from my right elbow, is a Japanese PC engine, complete with control pad, composite lead, no power supply but I can get a generic one, and a copy of “Cyber Cross” (an old game with what looks like a power ranger on the front).

All for £10.

I reckon I’ve done well here. :slight_smile:

Now excuse me: I’m just going to be stealing someone’s newly aquired Japanese PC Engine.

VERY nice, Neb. :cool:

Wow… that’s pretty nifty.

Congrats… I think,


Are you going to keep it? Or resell it on ebay to make some money?

Neb : 6 words

Akumajo Dracula X : Chi No Rondo

Ok, 5 technically :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, get that !! Best action-based CV game out there :smiley:

Ah, thanks… and yes, I intend to keep it for the time being, once I’ve got a UPS and tested that it works, of course- there are plenty of exclusive obscure Jap games out there, and I intend to get them :smiley: