nice car

Hey, that’s pretty cool.

…I didn’t know Lamborghini was owned by Volkswagen. o_O

I want it ;_;

He could pull people over so fast… I second the volkswagen surprise.

That’s not a car!
It’s a skateboard with an engine and doors!

Don’t badmouth the gorgeous cop car!!!


If I am very very bad? Do I get to ride in the pretty car? I wonder what the interior is like? How’s the sound system? How long does it take to get from 0-60?

slap Ooops, did I loose it there for a sec? sighs

I want to go back to Italy. pouts

I had no idea they were own by volkswagen either. Kind of takes away from the mystique =\

They said the Lamborghini would be used on the Salerno-Reggio Calabria highway in southern Italy for emergencies and to transport organs for transplant.

Bullshit. You know they’ll just show up at parties in it, drag while no one is watching, and spend the slow hours doing burnouts in some parking lots. =P

What other reasons could there be? Hello, gorgeous car, people in uniforms… I say they’re using it to boost their image. “I just love a man in uniform, and he’s got a car to match.” Like I said before, if I’m bad can I ride in it? I’d say drive, but I know that’s out of the question.

I heard that 3 minis are planning to nick USD $64,000,000 of gold out of Turin. Sounds like an idea for great movie, to be imateted badly 30 years after the orignal.

Big Nutter