NHL 09 (or any recent sports game, really)

Can someone explain to me why these games keep making the default pass button the same as the default switch button? When I’m battling for the puck in the corner of an erratic hockey game, it seems reasonable to, I dunno, let me hammer the pass button so I can get rid of the puck as soon as I win it, so the AI doesn’t steal it right back in its <i>endearingly</i> shitty, unbalanced way. But no, every time you hit the pass button, BAM! Character switch! Instead of battling in the corner, I’m now miles away from where I was while the AI has free reign over the puck.

Has no one ever been struck by how bad this controller setup is? I know I can reconfigure it, but damn, when I just wanna get some hockey on with my friends, I don’t wanna go messing around with all this shit. It just seems like, I dunno… some dude should’ve fixed this by now? And I say fixed because, yes, this is just bad design. It’s not something that people might have a preference for. It’s absolutely existing in a state of WRONG. I don’t understand how it could’ve been overlooked.

If you want to get rid of the puck, you should probably hammer down on the “throw that thing half a court away” button. That’s how it goes in soccer games at least (shooting button).

They probably map two functions to each button depending on whether you control the puck or not, to ease up on the necessary numbers of buttons to play the game. The player should have freedom to remap every button in every game nowadays though.

Yeah, but they could’ve made pass and poke-check the same or something, since you’ll never want to do both at once.

There’s also the option of just, you know, playing REAL hockey, which I do sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

Play real hockey? Might as well play a real guitar.

He does.

Is there any Hockey managing game (a la Football Manager etc.)? Some time after the FIFAs sucked, ISS committed suicide and before the advent of the good Pro Evolution Soccer games, many people seemed to give up on playing football and spent time getting key players from the third category of Italy, conquering the Champions League with their village’s team (after thirty years). Made for ahem terrific party conversations.

I dunno, the MLB games there is no switch button. And in Madden you can only switch around on defense before the snap. And in NBA Live you only control the player with the ball (which you can usually either pass with the control stick or a button).

What gets me is fielding in baseball games. The outfield especially, in some games you can dive or jump for the ball by using, say, the right stick. In other games it’s something else or a variation. I dunno, I just wish they would settle on one way to play these games and maintain the same button setup forever. It seems like the buttons are always changing, especially in Madden.