Well, its that time of the year: giant TV screen, beer, chips, pretzels, and …. caviar?
Last year I used Hiruu’s picks (God bless him) in my office pool, and I came close, but not enough to win.
Here we go again.

My picks:
AFC wildcard: KC beats Indianapolis, Patriots cream NY Jets.
AFC divisional playoffs: San Diego beats KC, Pats beats Baltimore (by a field goal?)
AFC championship: Pats over San Diego

NFC wildcard: Seattle beats Dallas, Philadelphia beats Giants
NFC divisional playoffs: Da Bears beat Seattle, Phily beats New Orleans.
NFC championship: Chicago over Philadelphia.

Super Bowl: Chicago beats New England

Your picks please, lets see how good you are :wink:

Patriots all the way! Pats rule! Chicago sucks!

isn’t from New England, not at all

If I have to choose I’ll go with the Pats.

So far, so good. Got 3 out of 4. Looking back, taking Kansas City over Indianapolis was a dumb pick. I thought that Colts looked kind of rusty in the last 5 games (aside from the Bengals game), but they are steaming hot again. My match-ups in AFC are wrong now – Pats play in San Diego instead of Baltimore. Well, it’s still my choice for AFC championship.

Merlin, Kaiser, the 984, where are you guys? Your expertise in the field, and valuable opinions would be appreciated :wink:

da bears

A proper prediction would’ve known what the second round match ups would’ve been based on first round predictions.

Just sayin’

Let’s go Colts!

Well so much for my prediction though the Colts will be playing the Bears so it wont be uninteresting (plus there are those superbowl comericals). But where the hell was the defence Pats!?:suckah:

Urlacher is going to eat Peyton Manning’s soul.

Well, I am out of the race (in my pool). Picking KC over Colts in the AFC wildcard game was my biggest fuck-up. I still could have made some money if Pats played Da Bears in the Super Bowl, and Bears would win.
Nice comeback by Colts though.

Indianapolis manages to win over the Bears, perhaps forcing the first overtime in SuperBowl history!

I’ll say 38-35, though the Bears will dominate until the last quarter which the Colts will rally

NFL overtime in the Super Bowl would be a fucking travesty.

Agreed. Isn’t it common sense to play the full 15 minutes, rather than let a coin flip be the deciding factor in the victorious field goal?

I dunno about a full 15 minutes. I think a better method would be this:

Each team gets one guaranteed offensive possession (barring one team scoring while on defense). Kickoffs and all those grand special teams would still be in use. If, after the two guaranteed offensive possessions, one team is ahead, the game is over. If the game is still tied, the game then goes to the current sudden death rules.

It maintains the importance of every overtime possession and keeps the do-or-die spirit alive. On the flip side, it allows teams to be able play with all their players rather than the possibility of just one half.

Also, the team that wins the coinflip wins about 52% of the time.

The Colts are seven-point favorites over the Bears ?!
Even Peyton Manning, says that’s crazy:

“It’s ridiculous,” How can anybody think that? The Bears won 15 games in the National Football League. They are an incredibly talented and gifted football team. If you ask me, this is an even game."
I don’t know about that, my betting career could be over soon – I’ve got Colts out in the first round, and now they could go all the way.

A flashback to the Ditka era - Da Bears

I say go Colts. The bears have had their little glory, not let the real animals come to the field.

And just so no one misunderstands, I thought Overtime might be cool as it would be historic.

I think we all know Prince will be the real winner of the superbowl.

Boo Prince sucks!

Colts win in what was a hilarious first half and a great showing of the Colts offense in the second half. Good game with no real questionable calls (although that running into the kicker penalty SHOULD have been a roughing the kicker). Peyton gets his much deserved Super Bowl ring and MVP, even though this game was a truly ensemble effort. Marino cements his status as the Greatest to Never Win It, and Peyton joins the ranks of Favre and Elway.

I am mad, though, that Vinatieri broke Terrel Davis’ single post-season points record. >:|