News on games

I’m in a hurry now so I will give further details in 11 hours (the time I’m usually here). For a while, I have a good news and two other ones that may be good or bad according to your tastes.

The good one: Half-Life 2 is going to be released this summer, as announced by Valve. It’ll be shown in E3 2004.

The two other ones: Take 2 is the next company that seems like will go down, for there is a large discussion now on irregular transactions in the stock market and a lot of confusion in their financial numbers. An analist from Bank of America Securities, Gary Cooper, asked Take 2 to fire their director, Bryan Rant.

Last and also least, Tamagotchi is making a comeback this year. The big inovation is that now tamagotchies can communicate among themselves through wireless connection. That means they can make friends, give each other gifts, marry and have babies (though kids won’t see the mating scenes). Kids may also go to stores and buy items for their virtual pet. I can already see the terror, for kids with tamagotchies tend to spread faster than catgirls.

edit: another one: n-gage ended up being a Fiasco. Just for comparison: in its first week in England, Nokia sold 500 consoles - wheres GBA sold 540 thousands.

So … You said “kids won’t see the mating scenes” … but will anyone else see 'em? :smiley:

Originally posted by Yar Kramer
So … You said “kids won’t see the mating scenes” … but will anyone else see 'em? :smiley:

you sick little boy… wanting to watch tamagotchis have sex do ya?

What is a tamagotchi anyway?

Well, since the topic is news on games, Ys is going to be released for the GameCube. It might not be out for North America for awhile though… the release date eludes me…

You don’t know what a tamagotchi is?
there those annoying little… grrrrrr let’s just say they suck…

Originally posted by Pappy’s daughter
What is a tamagotchi anyway?

Digital pets for people who-

a) Don’t like cleaning up shit
b) like torturing small animals to death
c) Liked to follow fads (when they were first around)
d) all of the above

Put simply, they were big around 1998-1999, but were thought to have become extinct around 2000. Seems not. :thud:

Oh THOSE! Now I remember! I used to have something like that when I was younger. Some digi-pet or something… I started to hate my digi-pet fast though… stupid thing always died every night…

I thought it was funny to let it die of poop.

I got suspended in 5th grade because mine beeped in class.

My friends and I used to crack up taking turns beating them to death.

Yeah, one of my friends were one of the 500 that bought the N-gage. He mostly just bought it for a laugh however, we all knew it’d be shit.

I had a digi pet thing. It would never stfu, so I stabbed it with a screw driver :\

Ah yes… I remember my old Pikachu Tamagochi.

Good times… untill it met Mr. Screwdriver.

I wish I had 300 bucks to blow on a joke.

Umm… wasn’t this originally about news on games?

Yeah, but you know how it is with threads here. Anyway … once, my sister and I got a “fake” Tamagochi think from McDonalds.