News from the College I go to

Pfft, they think that’s a serious problem? We had a janitor at my college that put a closed-circuit camera in the employee women’s bathroom, for chrissakes! :stuck_out_tongue:

On the first post: what’s wrong in having a little fun?

And I will now trump Trill. At my highschool they arrested the ceramics teacher for filming female students in the bathroom. I think he may have sold copies too. It was after I graduated.

o_O Woah.

I call bullshit on Bluemage! He’s no L. Ron!

It got on the news because a guy I know on student senate called fox news and asked them to come down, and they did.

I told you your college was full of lesbians.

It’s stuff like this that goes to show you just how sexually repressed as a whole Americans are.

Fox News. That explains a lot; among them why anyone bothered to put this on print. It’s not a problem. The stories Trillian and Frameskip posted are.

Oh my God.

I wish that happened over here.

X-10 camera :wink: