News from MetalHawk

MetalHawk posted on the GameFAQs board with some news regarding Treasure Hunter G, this is what he said:

Great news, I’m sure the next patch version will be great, I’m really looking forward it, and that’s the main reason why the THG shrine doesn’t have any update…

I’m really looking forward to the new patch too. That’s the reason I haven’t really played THG yet… I keep waiting for the next patch. I’m glad he’s still working on it. Some patches get REALLY close to getting done all the way, then work sort of grinds to a halt (coughsDragon Quest VIcoughs).

THG…one of the games that really deserve a translation - although i heard that the story shouldn’t be that involving at all. Is that true?

Yep, it’s true, the history isn’t that good, and the game is a bit short, but the game is really great, funny, and with a lot of secrets or curiosities that make THG to have a great replay value :P.