News! Black_ninja And My Sister, Deadly_nightshade Are Gonna Be Parents!


I’m sure you guys remember them:)


Woah, congrats man. That’s great to hear =D.

so umm… how evil is this kid gonna be, i mean BN for a dad and ath for an uncle? the kid never had a chance to walk the light path
oh yeah and congrats…to BN and DN since THEY put the effort into it


Tell them congrats ^^

Man, I wish I had BN for a dad, I mean, my dad never taught me how to stalthily kill people or wicked ways to kill Baal…

*gives BN a fine Moogle-brand cuban cigar ©

I give the kid 7 years before he hacks into the playboy website.

Your sister is Deadly Nightshade Var…Ath? Didn’t know…

And now…a tribute to Ath… (no offense meant. no, really!)

Just skip this if you find "Uncle Fucka to be rude, crude, and offensive…

[spoiler]Shut your fucking face uncle fuckaaa
You’re a cock sucking ass licking uncle fuckaaa
You’re an uncle fucker
yes it’s true
nobody fucks uncles quite like you

Shut YOUR fucking face uncle fuckaaa
You’re the one who fucked YOUR uncle, uncle fuckaaa
You don’t eat or sleep
or the mow the lawn
you just fuck your uncle all day long!

farting tap dancing music here

Shut your fucking face uncle fuckaaa
You’re a bonifided bastard uncle fuckaaa
You fuck your uncle, I must say
You fucked your uncle yesterday!
Uncle fuckaaaa
That’s U-N-C-L-E FUCK YOU!
UNCLE FUCKAAAAA!!!suckmyballs[/spoiler]

so much for the spoiler tag…

Zero: fixed it, learn to spell a little better. :kissy:

type SPOILER correctly at least.

Nobody cares… they’re both assholes. they’ll probably have asshole children. afterall, the asshole doens’t fall far from the asshole tree! and you’ll be the uncle of an asshole! You don’t have to be worried about being an asshole, athe, everyone knows you were adopted!

darn my illitercay! I mispeled spoiler! :stuck_out_tongue:

But congrats, anyways Varan, BN, Deadly, and Darth Maul

I bet you their kid is going to end up being the anti-christ or something…
So we better workship the ground BN walks on so we don’t die at his son/daughter’s hands.:eek:

Oh good lord, that’s scary. But thell them congrats for me and come see me in the chat sometime!

I want kids… lots of them…

congrats to them if that’s what they wanted.

Should we get the kid an account here? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah, and congratulation BN!

I don’t think we should sully the poor young one’s mind. He still has a future as of yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Sully? Please, RPGC may twist, RPGC may damage, RPGC may create lasting psychological issues, but sully? Never!

That’s sweet :slight_smile: Tell them congrats from me too!

<img src=“”> Well, it was coming sooner on later. Sex while on IRC can ruin your concentration on the protection :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, congrats.